Assault Rifle vs Lighting Gun


Continuing the discussion from Evolve Number Statstics:

Continuing the discussion from Evolve Number Statstics:



What is the question here. This seems about right to me

The lightning gun is the main damage dealer, so it makes sense that its damage output wold be the highest for Markov.


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Yup I don’t understand the question here either


There are plenty of times in a match where you can hit 100% of your shots though.


Yeah, but with the assault rifle, u need to not only hit 100 percent of ur shots but also use the full clip, which is like 40 something . Even though it seems that the assault rifle does more damage than the lightning gun, that’s only if u can land every shot, that’s about 40 something shots, wich I think takes longer than a full battery of the lightning gun . So, unless I’m remembering something wrong, the lightning gun has a higher dps than the rifle and can dish out more damage than the rifle in a shorter time frame . AGAIN, this is if I remember correctly


If there are weak spots its best to use assault rifle…Other wise I would prefer the lightening gun.


I accidentally wrote a reply to myself, and I don’t know how to delete it. Someone read the damage stats of the weapons and thought that the Assault Rifle is better than the Lighting Gun, just because it has a higher dps.


It all depends on accuracy. If you’re able to hit headshots and weakspots consistently, AR is better. If your aim is meh, lightning gun is high and reliable damage
Edit: Lightning gun actually isnt that high damage, but its consistent, so, reliability or something.


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So what exactly is the OP trying to state in this thread?


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