Assault Predator Problems


This is a weird problem. I have 2 steam accounts, I have one that I made and never use, then I have the one I mainly use. The one that I never use is linked to my main account through the family system, so I have access to the game from that account.
If I but a skin pack (victory, night hunter, etc.) I have to send it to that account, and then it will work for both account. If I but a single skin, it only works on the computer I bought it on. The weird thing is, I use to get the challenge skins when I used the other account (for reasons). I would play, and then get the skin for both account. Well during the assault challenge, I had @ToiletWraith play for me on that account, and at first, I thought I didn’t get the skins. Today, I found out that I only had the skins on the unused account that @ToiletWraith used but it didn’t transfer to the other.
This confuses me since it has always worked in the past but now it doesn’t with this 1 skin. Can anyone at TRS help?


Perhaps since you had her play, presumably on a different computer, the sharing thing didn’t work?


I don’t know really. I see no reason why it wouldn’t work but then again, this family sharing system probably isn’t reliable. (even if it has worked all the other times)


Probably should have had it obtained on the main account or something. I wouldn’t trust Steam to do everything cross account reliably.


The problem is that it was reliable for a while. And now the one challenge where we blew it out of the water and I don’t get the skin. I only have the skin for Parnell because of his challenge a while ago.


Bought skins transfer over the account. Challenge skins don’t. You have to play on both accounts if you want them.

You also need a second 2K account because you can’t link the same 2K account to two different steam accounts.