Assault on the X1


I currently run with 2 people on the xbox one myself being: Trapper dtip4life: Medic uRbestfriendBS: Support . We are in need of a knowledgeable Assault player. if you are interested please contact me on Xbox at xXBobbyHeatXx we are interested in tourneys and competitive play as well. Appreciate it!



This should be here. I suggest you move it, both to keep the forums clean and to get it more attention. If you need help, get a Mod.

Good luck.


Hey man I appreciate that very much!


No problem. :blush: We’re all awaiting Evolve together!


I don’t entirely know how to move it. I’m assuming you mean the thread as a whole.


Hold on, I’ll get a Mod to do it.

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The world needs more people like you!


Why thank you!

In fact, you could go to that thread now, and search for an Xbox Assault player.