Assault Monarch Skin Pack!


Assault Monarch Skins

Holy crap those skins are gorgeous. I don’t usually buy hunter skins, but I might actually find myself buying these.


Dammit, where’d my wallet go? oh, it’s on the screen.


? So why is this not for Torvalt? None of the skin packs are currently working with new hunters other than predator trapper skin pack… Will this change? Or will we always be buying skins that won’t work on the new characters we also buy… I just don’t understand why they are being left out


I am going to guess at some point they will maybe make T4 Hunter skin packs just for them.


This kinda makes it look like a Supports weapon.


As soon as I read monarch, I knew they’d be gold. I’d love to see what these actually look like in game.


here is a brief look at Parnell’s shotty


I agree. I paid for them but yet I get left out because people don’t have them. They should just be included in a skin pack for those that have the hunters.


Haha, what the hell happened there? Anyway, thanks. They look way less gold and more yellow than I had hoped. Dang. I still like 'em though.


Totally off topic, but did I play against you this past weekend? I swear you played a really good Abe…


New assault monarch skins, they aren’t really my style but look pretty cool.


They Almost look exactly like Supports default skin >.<


Hot damn these look cool.

…It’s a shame I never play Assault.


I need Maneater Skins for every class…


Yellows my least favorite color no sale :stuck_out_tongue:


They are going to have to make skins that look better than the Elite skins if they want me to spend money on a skin pack. The free skins we have been getting via events are kinda cool, but I strictly stick to the Elite skins because they just look the best.


Yep same here


I second that.


More skins for me to purchase,