Assault idea - Sparky Sparky Boom Boom man!


Hey guys, trying to come up with a concept for an assault character based around sticky grenades… these are timed explosives that stick to wherever you throw them, including the monster himself. So far, my concept is:

  1. A huge, repeating 50-caliber rifle that just lays down slow-fire damage, very reliable at a distance, but the lowest dps of any assault main. It would be very accurate, with a large clip.
  2. Sticky grenades, that would stick to any surface and explode on a timer. They wouldn’t be too visible to the monster, and they would do less damage than a mine. (great for countering those running-around in a dome monsters)
  3. A self-detonate ability, where the assault could get in close, lower his health, become temporarily invulnerable, to essentially blow up himself with a massive explosion. Ideally, he would use this with his shield on so that medic could heal him back up before the invulnerability . This would also have a very long cooldown, possibly a long build up time as well.

So, how this hunter would play is that he would be a long distance guy ( no monster is going to want him to get close) but when he does get close, you really pay for that. He would have little area denial except in those clutch moments.


Than we could have a monster that threw boomerangs and he would hit him in the head and he would blow himself up.


I get that reference and I used to love that show when I was a kid


Sticky grenades? I can see where this is going…


No, instead, when he gets knocked down, he have a random chance of his Chi being blocked weapons to malfunction, killing him. Just like the real Sparky Sparky Boom Man. Of course if the monster stand too close…

Can’t find a funny way to include this one, but I love this scene, so I’ll just leave it here: