Assault Hunter Idea


Ok so background to the creation of this character was I was reading a Captain America comic and saw the character Arnim Zola. He’s basically an evil scientist who uploaded his mind into a computer program which he then downloads into android bodies. Seeing his face on this TV on the mid section of a robot sparked this brilliant idea.

Say perhaps an egg of a monster was captured by a hunter and used for an experiment. When it has hatched it’s probably no bigger than Lennoxs Thunder Child. Well perhaps the scientist running said experiment used the baby monster (most likely Goliath) and surgically planted a mind control device to the monsters brain and placed a TV screen on the body. The TV is linked to a live satellite feed of his face via webcam. He is sitting at his desk with controls, physically controlling this baby monsters every move, triggering movement and attacks.

I chose the role of assault for this hunter as its likely the main thing he would use this mid controlled monster for would be punching and smashing. I thought about his main attacks and abilities. Obviously being an assault he would have the personal shield, aesthetically this would be from a device on his back or forearm.
Then come his other attacks, linking them to the monster itself (again most likely Goliath) he would have a punch attack not too similar to Lennox and would instead use claws in a swinging motion dealing damage.
The next attack would be similar to leap smash but would be vastly different to Lennox’s Thunder smash as it would have a level of control and upon impact would cause fire damage much like the meteor Goliath.
The third and final ability would be the ranged ability. My first though was fire breath but this was quickly shot down due to the fact that Hyde is the flame assault and it would not be visible due to it coming from the mouth so instead I had the idea of attaching a machine gun or rifle to the forearm of the monster or removing the arm entirely and creating a sort of hybrid of Lennoxs autocannon and Torvalds cyborg arm.

So yeh! This is my fan made assault idea! I hope you guys like it and if anybody wants to help come up with a name I’d appreciate it! I suck at names…
Maybe link it to other threads so TRS might have a chance of seeing it…even if they can’t use it…God damn legal reasons…


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