Assault challenge imminent?


I don’t see Torvald’s predator skin on the PSN store anymore, perhaps we’ll be having a challenge this coming or rather next week?


Lets hope not, seeing any more Torvalds will probably make me put this game down for a bit



You’re a hunter main, you don’t know what it’s like to see your adorable little creature being assaulted by fiery rain…


It’s okay… I prefer Parnell.

I regret picking Torvald against Midnight though. :cry:


I think challenges focus on characters that are not the most popular. So no Torvald. Besides, we just had one with an assault, Hyde, remember?


YOU weren’t the one being ASSAULTED. You don’t get to feel regret.


I would consider that a monster challenge as we got the monster skin. Support and Trapper have had their challenge limelight already as well. that would leave only a Kraken challenge, an Assault challenge or a Medic challenge if we’re to be going down a list.

And seeing as how the assault predator skins went down, i would think it was them next. Though of course it’s just speculation, please add your thoughts in instead of shooting down mine. :wink:


Only time will tell.


On PSN, ALL the predator skins that were for sale got removed about a week ago. I’m sure we’ll get challenges for everyone in the coming weeks, but I don’t think this points to Torvald next by any means.


MacMan said they were avoiding T4 challenges because not everyone has them.

Might be more feasible down the line.


I figured this was the case, but that is lame. They can give us T4 stuff by lumping it in with their respective groups, but that means Behemoth will probably be ignored and I’d love to have more skins and matches with/as him.


I never wanted to hurt you though… You made me do it! You picked monster. ~sniffles~


the next event will most likely be laz then kraken or both at once since we went through the other t2 hunters and the other monsters


No… no Torvalds :c
Too many of them just sit and watch the fights and completely miss mortars and dont even use their shotgun and I dont want


I have seen it… and it’s beautiful ^.^
######Lights up a cigar with Hank :beers:


I’m down for a Parnell challenge TBH


Someone better answer that phone… because i fucking caaaaaaalled it!~


hahaha, you were soo waiting for this :stuck_out_tongue: Congratulations, you nailed it!
This seems like a fun challenge, no pressure to beat the other side, just play and do your thing, I like it. Also I like Parnell a lot.


Good luck, im not so hot with parny but ill be doing my best!