Assault and trappers (with a hint of support+monster)


So I’ve been playing Evolve now for a bit, and did some during beta. Here are some things I am bothered by.

Assault, what’s the point of the assault when support (Cabot) does twice the damage? I’m by no means a bad player. However Cabot can do about x1.5 to x2 easily vs ANY assault.

More specifically.

Markov - the mines aren’t very good. Does zero towards kraken (the most OP one), and on top of it all. It seems monsters can see the mines (the red bubble). My friend said they could after I asked when I was alone vs goliath. My teammates were 150 meters away and I was in a tunnel. And I had just placed mines behind me. The goliath took one look at me and ran away. Other than that, the assault rifle does too little damage. So when it’s kraken fight or fast moving targets, the lightning gun has too little reach and the secondary does too little damage.

Hyde - Gas grenades slow yourself, that’s annoying. Can be lived with but shouldn’t have to be. The more real concern is that minigun does basically no damage at all. Not even worth shooting someone at range. Because they will just regen their “dodge” abilities and move away faster. Utter shaite. Same issue with the flamer vs kraken, not enough range vs good kraken and minigun does nothing and gas grenades does nothing. Other than that Cabot with 5 times the damage > Hyde.

Parnell same as above. The rocket launcher is actually a decent ranged weapon. However very hard to shoot the kraken. Very easy for him to mitigate the assaults damage no matter the class. I think Parnell is a more well designed class than the other hunters due to only having 2 weapons and 1 buff rather than 3 weapons, 2 which are more or less not as good as they should be.

As for trappers, I feel that both Maggie and Griffin (very limited experience with Griffin, but had more with Maggie) is that the harpoon traps are broken way to easily. 1 hit and you’re free from no matter how many traps you have up. Or charge straight through them. They should at least have to sorta aim towards the traps to hit and break them.

Monsters I think should have a harder time to track players. The smell sense is good enough, but when they are within range they auto see everything. Or when you shoot at them with a ranged they just home in on you within a heartbeat. Personally I think hunters too should have the sneak ability so they can set up an ambush. Rather than mindlessly chasing the monster around in circles. I would also like for the monster not to see the health of the players. It’s also too much information. Wallhack, health bars so on so forth. Limit it. Let the monsters become good at playing by being good players rather than handing them every “cheat” in the book. I know they need some extra help and stuff, but they can have it without getting all the information. I think they changed that from beta that you could see exacly who is medic, trapper, support etc. Let the monster figure it out by looking at the damage, beams and projectiles.

Otherwise I like the game. :grin:

Oh yeah, a couple of more things. Yey! As for a new assault class I would like to see a minigun as a main weapon rather than a weak secondary. Like a proper gatling, maybe shooting shotgun shells to make it spread a lot making it shorter range and then have a secondary weapon like a semi automatic rifle. A battle rifle of sorts. To keep decent long range damage while having heavy up close damage. With a utility, like movement speed and/or knockback resistance. Which allows you to stay on target.

Keep doing DLCs! I want new hunters! A good assault (for kraken mainly and vs Cabots damage)!


If you’re being out damaged by support…you’re doing it wrong. Markov’s mines are weak? What? I wreck monsters with those things. Absolutely destroy them. I also have no problem damaging them with the lightning gun.

Just how the heck are you playing the assault class?


The mines aren’t weak. But monsters usually destroy them first.

Assault should be in your face type of class.


The only problem is, a good monster can keep you at bay. So being “in your face” doesn’t really work. Especially for a kraken that can just fly away.

As for “u suck” comment, you don’t know what you are talking about. Cabot does an insane amount of damage per hit. And can shoot through walls, and can shoot from 10 miles away. The minigun and assault rifle does little to no range damage and are very inaccurate by comparison. Even in a face to face fight, my friend on Cabot will do lots more damage. Because of the time it takes to get to the monster when you are knocked back, or when he turns and jumps after another guy.

That’s the reality of it. Either nerf Cabot somehow. And/or improve the ranged secondaries.