Assassin's Creed Unity


Here you can talk about Assassin’s Creed Unity. One thing I want to talk about is a possible skill tree like the one from Watch Dogs. In the E3 videos you can hear the devs talking about how certain abilities are either upgraded or not yet developed. I think Ubisoft is going to have a skill tree where you can do things like increase lock picking speed, have a better eagle sense, or be stealthier when you go into stealth mode.


Im looking forward to this game! Allways liked it but because there was no co-op i never bought it. So i cant really talk about it. But the skill tree seems like a good idea. I have played the multiplayer before but it was the first and the last time. I heard they are changing it, something allready confirmed?


Most of what I’ve seen far looks good, but is it just going to play like another Assassin’s Creed game? I want to like the series, but I fail to see how each game evolves. If they ditched that Donald guy, or whoever has all the ancestors in the modern day, I’d probably enjoy the games’ stories a lot more. Oh, and I’d love to play as a female assassin; it’d make a nice change.


You are not the only one :


Agreed on female assassin. I usually prefer female characters, it’s just such a nice change. Always do a female in Bioware RPGs.

As for AC:U, it looks pretty good. I loved Brotherhood but hated Revelations and AC:3. Black Flag was good but didn’t give much of an “assassin” vibe. Which is fine, was a very fun pirate game.

Hopefully AC:U can make it finally deliver the “blade in the crowd”.


There was a female assassin but the game was a psp exclusive and wasn’t that good. Also this game will have new mechanics like a stealth mode, a button that automatically makes your character scale down a building without getting hurt, and a new multiplayer mode where you can play a mission with up to 3 other people. The online multiplayer is staying the same but other than this there’s not much revealed.


I played AC Liberation which had the female assassin and I thought it was very fun. On ACU: the competitive multiplayer is not included in the newest game.


Desmond, and (spoilers, please don’t read further if you haven’t beaten assassins creed 3 yet. If you’re still reading you must be alright with spoilers) Desmond is already dead


Hardly a spoiler, I couldn’t care less about him! I’ve not beaten AC:3 though I’ve been playing AC: Black Flag and noticed the shift in story. I quite like the delivery of the modern world stuff in Black Flag, but I still think it should just be about the assassins. Or just pirates. I prefer the pirate gameplay to the combat. Yarr.


Aye, I too enjoy plundering me some booty. It’s funny because it wasn’t even AC, it was Pirate’s Creed lol


Ever since I first picked up an AC game I wished I could have a buddy on the roof opposite me so we could coordinate take downs. I am REALLY looking forward to Unity. I will most likely be getting it on multiple systems just I can play with the maximum pool of friends.

I’m also really looking forward to returning to the European settings. I haven’t played AC:BF yet, but from what I’ve seen of it, it’s similar to 3 in that there aren’t a lot of large buildings to run across. I loved navigating a large city completely on roof tops, and while 3 had roof tops sometimes, they were never really connected in a coherent series. You had to drop down often, and that took me out of it.


Don’t go into Black Flag expecting Assassin’s Creed. Go in expecting an amazing pirate game as that is what AC:BF is. I loved black flags sailing and naval combat way more than the actual combat on land


I think the ship combat was one of the few redeeming qualities of the 3rd game as well.


I will admit, I am a massive assassin’s creed nerd. I’ve fashioned my own cloak and hidden blades in my spare time. As for unity, I am pretty pumped! The nonlinearity of the quests and FINALLY downward parkour wrapped up in teamwork sounds like a great time.

As for black flag, I HIGHLY recommend it, but the great Brandini nailed it: don’t think assassin’s creed, think Pirates of the Caribbean. It is a real breath of fresh air, especially after AC3, and way more fun than I expected. My favorite part is that you can have your crew sing whenever you want on the high seas. It’s so satisfying! The Ezio trilogy will always be my favorite, but Black Flag is a close runner up (if not better since it is kinda apples and oranges)


Why does everyone hate AC3? That was the best one of them all and Connor will always be my favorite assassin. The competitive multiplayer in that game was far better than any of the other games, especially Black Flag.


I don’t think people hate it so much, but rather knew what to expect and may not have found any wonder with it. I haven’t played it so I can’t see what’s wrong with it, but based on Angry Joe’s review it just didn’t look or more importantly feel all that different to the others. I doubt many people say it’s a bad game, but perhaps just an average one or a ho-hum AC title. I’m not too sure!

I loved Black Flag simply because it wasn’t Assassin’s Creed. For me the combat became less responsive over the years, the collectables stale and when you’ve done the eagle view thing in one game you’ve done it in all of them. Black Flag could’ve been a new piratey IP and improve hugely on its combat, stealth and RPG elements, but because it’s AC I found it was burdened by the things I dislike about the franchise. ^^


You will see people moan and complain to no end about how “naive” or “stupidly naive” Connor was if you search through anything that mentions AC3. I remember after Revelations everyone would not shut up about how AC needed to be changed radically to stay fresh and relevant to gaming. Then AC3 came and made huge changes. Then all of a sudden those same people say they want urbanized European cities back with the old fighting system and a more likable assassin similar to Ezio.


I liked AC3 initially but it got bland fast imo. Once I had explored Boston and New York, meh.

My personal favorite was Brotherhood, best campaign overall and it introduced the incredibly addictive MP (it also happened to be the best implemented version).


I never really got into AC until my friend let me borrow BF the other day.
I really like the setting, much more than the other ones. The parkour system is really weird to me, since I’m used to using circle, X and the stick to climb, like in Uncharted.
So holding R2 and the analogue stick seems a bit lazy to me, I could literally drink a can of coke in one hand, and climb buildings with the other whilst playing.
The Animus idea was stupid, and it ruined the game slightly.


Idk, I liked the animus and templar conspiracy in AC1 but AC2 lost my interest with the “aliens” and “doomsday”. The relics I could put up with, but I liked the conspiracy angle in AC1 with the animus being super experimental and being an in “lore” explanation of health, etc.

But they squandered it with an incredibly cheesy and lame story, also they spent too much time outside of the animus is subsequent games. In AC1 it was just little teasers and whatnot and only a few throughout and never for more than a minute or two.

In Black Flag, they’re awful. Idk why they won’t just ditch it at this point.