Assassin's Creed Syndicate


So the reveal was two hours ago and as a big fan I wanted to know who else it looking forward to it and if you’re not then why not.



I could go and play AC1 or 2.Yes the graphics would be different but the game would be the same.

AC has failed since they create 1 game per year.So yeah…I won’t even pirate it.AC games are boring.


Lol they’re more different than CoD games every year, but yeah I see your point.


As long as a company doesn’t take its time to make the game it will be the same over and over again.Add 5 new features,change the city and ggwp.

Shadow Of Mordor made basically the same gameplay as AC but it was 10 times better.I’m usually a guy who only cares about gameplay and keep playing till i finish,that’s it. But for some reason in Shadow of Mordor i was actually paying attention to the story.Listening to the music.Everything was so well-made.

AC can’t do that anymore when they have to make the game within a year


AC:3 was a big disappointment for me, I have but haven’t played AC4,and I have no interest in AC:U.

So, no. I’ll be skipping this. At least for a while.


The thing about AC4, you can’t go in expecting an AC game, go in looking for a pirating game and you will be really happy. Not played Unity yet so IDK if I’ll even pick it up tbh


Also when a company brings out a game which isn’t working i tend to boycott their next ones.Not that i did buy the previous one but i heard that no1 was even able to play it.(unity)


Bugs happen, but I just got bored. But let’s not :hankey: all over @LosSalvatierras thread. :slight_smile:


AC died after AC 3 for me. I’m wondering how much this one is gonna suck. My expectations are low after Unity.


Last good AC game was Black Flag. God I loved pirates. AC3 was terrible though.

Here’s my favorites (in order)

Black Flag/ACR (Tie. ACR had a great atmosphere and general feel to it)
Unity (4 player was fun. Still a pretty bad game)
AC1 (Great game, but it’s hard to play after doing more recent ones.)


I loved AC3 I don’t know why everyone hates it. I’ve played all the games including Liberation HD, as well as Rogue, and Unity was probably one of the worst for sure but I’m hoping they make a recovery with Syndicate.


Lol nice way to avoid foul language :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks cool but after the recent ones I’m a bit hesitate on getting it. I love AC but the late few games have turned me off. I only finished 3 for the story but the ending was a bit of a let down. I also had a hard time finishing it cause I kept encountering bugs it was very disappointing. I haven’t played Black flag yet or unity but I just got black flag a few weeks ago and picked up unity this wkend (Thank you Target Cartwheel). I guess E3 will be where I find out if I will pick it up or not.


That wasn’t bugs. That was a completely unplayable game.

Yeah i agree,tho we are talking about AC in general.

Since you mentioned when is E3?


I think E3 is June 12-16


Why not, because 3, and 4 blew. Unity blew. And my guess is they’re only beating a dead dog…


Close June 16-18


Lol it was worth a guess


I’m cautious after how Unity was. Game wasn’t bad, but the bugs and lag sure were…


how come you have the date memorized hmmmmm? got plans dont ya? releasing something around that timeframe? huh?!? DO YA?!? lol