Asking for tips playing as wraith


I would like some advice on some things when playing as wraith. My biggest issue is that i dont know why, but hunters keep on finding me way too fast, almost immediately, and that doesnt leave me any kind of time to farm and build up to evolve. Usually what i like to do is i just port over to the edge of the maps and go around it. sometimes i purposely activate the birds to give them a false sense of my direction and try to head the other way. ive even tried leaving tracks suggesting im going in a certain direction but honestly it doesnt seem like hunters even bother with it and just rely on the trapper to use planetary scan or whatever it is they use to find me out, nothing seems to be working. lately each game i play, the faster they seem to find me which is rather unfair for my part. i try to stay in the stealth walk as much as possible when im moving around and traversing. what can i do to make it so i dont get caught so soon. also another small thing i seem to be having issues with is the encounters themselves sometimes. as a wraith, my main priorities when engaging are primarily the support and the medic. but also those 2 seem to be the bane to my existance. the medic keeps everyone healthy so i cant kill anyone, the support shields the medic and i cant kill the medic. that little ugly loop i seem to be finding myself going against is really just destroyings any attempts i have at doing any sort of damage or incapacitations. sorry for the long rant that you are reading but i need some help. this is just killing me here. if anyone has any advice they could impart on me, that would be most appreciated. also a smaller thing id like to ask. the perks i use is perk 1: HUNGER lvl 2 for 30% eat and 6% move, perk 2 is the 8% dmg reduction, and perk 3 15% move. is there any suggestions to the perks that would benefit me more or maybe what i have is fine but rearrange? once more any and all advice will be helpful, thank you for your time.


Lv 40 wraith and silver ranked at ladder here .

  1. No point in using stealth as a tracker I can find you easily using tracking satellite … as soon as you see tracking satellite notification get ready to start running at opposite direction .

  2. EAT EAT EAT. Only effective way that I seem to have come up to deal with hunters after evolve has gone f2p

  3. keep using smell and go at opposite direction

  4. if you are surrounded , use smell and hurt medic as much as you can .

  5. Don’t wait to find sweat spot to evolve , do it as soon as you see tracking notification .

  6. Use decoy to fool hunter when in dome and recover armor

  7. if you can’t get medic or support, go for one which you can;it will at least let you escape the dom earlier.

  8. abduction is not useful compared to others as animation is too long and should only be used when enemy is near death.

  9. use skills to travel further.

  10. Wraith’s decoy and wrap can be easily rendered useless with effective use of jetcpack due to long skill animation time .

Now they have further increased cool down on wraith’s ability so better play Gorgon or Kraken .



As someone who was struggling with the same concept here’s what I’ve learned after being on the forms.

1.) Above all your greatest tool against the hunters is your ability to choose were they find you. I wish it wasn’t guaranteed, but it is. And it gives way to a watered down type of ambush play that wraith gets to do with abduction.

2.) The beginning is a sprint, get distance and at least 60% of those blue stacks because you can get a majority of the rest from fighting and downing hunters.

3.) Skirting the rim of each map makes your movement predictable, so use warp blast (preferably behind rocks to hide the particle effects). Doing this can grant you five traversals. Gaining the 5th is done just by waiting for the animation of warp blast to finish. Don’t be afraid to cut across the middle of the map, even with griffin.

4.) Probably one of the most key things right now for wraith at stage one is using your single-target burst potential to ambush the hunter that is ahead of the pack and downing him before the shields and heals can get there. Don’t forget to use abduction to re-position downed players if watching to make sure no one revives them is proving to be too hard a task. Once you down this player hound the medic, you’ll have to spend a few moments AAing and you’ll take damage from the assault. But you’ll have 2 downs on stage 1. Once the medic is down you have to make judgment call on whether or not it would be better to flee or finish their team off. 9/10 times its probably better to flee, evolve, feed, wait, ambush, rinse and repeat. Taking smell range as a perk will greatly help with this. Information is key when ambushing, and smell range can help you with this.

Fight on your terms not the hunters, re-position and isolate, you’ll defeat bad hunters this way and good hunters will provide a fun and challenging match. Against teams that have really good communication as well as cooldown and jetpack management, I would say the Krackens and maybe a really smart gorgon due to her high damage, traps, and clone are the only monsters able to take down a team with the aforementioned.


I will try to put up a wraith’s game play video . Might be useful


Calling @Shin
He’s currently the best wraith player I know .


Most newer monster players go straight to the edge then start going around it, but that means most Hunter players are planning for that and will try to cut you off. Try taking things a bit slower at the start, I know it’s counterintuitive but it can work. Take a little meander through the middle to make some new friends and eat them and try to be near the edge of the map when they drop and scan you. As soon as that happens pick a direction and move like your life depends on it, because it does. By that point you’ll have full armour and a decent evolve meter, and Wraith is FAST. Keep an ear out for giveaway sounds like Hank’s cutter or Lennox’s falcon punch to let you know when would be a good time to try and sneak off, but be ready for a dome because it’ll probably happen. You can get s a general feel for how long it takes your average group to find you and dome you, and try to plan for that to happen in a good spot for you to fight in like the eastern part of the Distillery cave. As for the fight itself it depends on the Hunter team, I can offer specific advice if you tell me what you struggle with but in general remember that medics can generally heal themselves while supports have a lot more trouble shielding themselves, so the support is often a better focus target. Against Sunny the shield drone is target #1 then you need to get to her asap and kill any of the others she puts down with your cleave damage, they die VERY fast if you get them before they put their own shield up.


well my problem specifically stems from both the medic and the support altogether, its probably a more common problem than i make it sound, or rather its just something im gonna have to learn to deal with depending on the type of medic and support being used. so far as wraith i know to prioritize medics when engaging hunters, but my issue is that the support is keeping the medic alive, like hes supposed to, and if i go for anyone else, well the medic just keeps them alive. honest i dont know how to counter that, if i cant kill anyone or anything, i cant get out of the dome, if i cant get out the dome i take unnecessary damage and at that point i may as well let them put me out of my misery. im still not sure what hunters have what abilities yet, in all honesty i havent used hunters all that much since im having too much fun with monsters.


Big part about not being caught is your feeding path in my experience. Like, this is the path I typically take on this map. Like I said in the description though.
"This is my typical Wraith feeding path, as you probably know by now in other videos.
While this does allow me to stage up quite fast, I would also warn you to be aware that the hunters may cut you off at the end of the other side of the cave system.
Listen for sounds/voice/general notifications that they may be near that exit. If they are, turn around and go back through the cave system, and head to the bottom part of the map towards to generator, and then go around.

If there happens to be a hunter or two there, engage them at S1, and kill them before the others at that side of the cave system can engage into backup.
General hunter split tactics separate the support and medic in order to have some survival in both sides of their 2 man groups."

Another way to avoid them is by being mobile, and not allowing them to cut you off. This can be done with specific perks.

Right now, there are 2 different perk sets I use. When I need to avoid the hunters and attempt to guarantee an evolution, I take Haste, Feral Instincts, and Evolved Recovery. This gives you some of the mobility you need, while giving you some smell distance as well.

My most common build is typically Hunger, Insatiable Hunger, Evolved Recovery.

This video is one where I’m running increased smell distance.

While specific feeding paths are predictable, you’re also fast. So for them to cut you off, they’d need very high mobility perks. And that’s almost always just one person on their team. Should they cut you off like this, I can typically kill the player that finds me before his team gets to him. Or at least get him to 50%, which is very good.

Here’s a second video on hitting S3 without being found.

I could hit S3 in less than 5 minutes. With the recent nerf to evolution on monsters, I’d need to try another speed run though. I’d imagine it’s somewhere between 5-6 minutes now.


What hunters are giving you trouble? Give them by name, and we can explain their entire kit to you.


ill have to pay more attention to the names if i wanna provide them honestly. though the ones that give me trouble as far as support is the ones that give really strong shielding, i know theres a hunter who puts down a little shield bot, i think theres another one that gives out heavy shielding whenever i try to focus someone, as far as medic, one that gives me trouble is one that seems to give full heals right as they are on the brink of death. im not sure what that one is but its happened to me so many times, literally out of nowhere, just full health bar. i think theres also a healer who does direct heals, much the same hank uses his shields on others. that one really gets me. i believe caira is also another medic who gives me trouble, she normally doesnt but lately shes been really making it hard to do much, im guessing it probably has to do with the support she has. thats about the best description i could give you since i cant seem to find a list of hunters with skill descriptions. also a small detail, something ive mentioned before, i seem to get caught really fast, and when i do get caught and manage to escape they seem to keep up rather well and its hard to shake them off. the ones that do that seem to hit me with some sort of slow debuff and or hit me with a tracking dart. only one i know that uses a tracking dart is abe, im not sure who else just hits me with a slow.


The one that puts the drone down is Sunny.

Her mainhand is a straightforward grenade launcher.

Her secondary weapon is a beam use utility item that gives jetpack fuel to the targeted hunter, allowing them to drain from her items fuel deposit. Think of it as another jetpack, that Sunny can allow hunters to drain from at will. It has to recharge like other jetpacks do though.

She also has her shield drone. She place a shield drone on the ground, and it can then shield people in its line of sight. The blue circle that fills up inside the drone is how much shield is left. Once it’s all the way full, it can begin to shield. The drone shields people that take damage in its line of sight.

The one that gives strong instant shields is Hank.
He has a shield beam projectile as his secondary. Whomever he clicks on gains shields, much like Sunny’s jetpack booster. It also has a recharge time. So once you take out the shields he’s giving, it takes a bit for his beam to fully recharge.

The one that fully heals herself is Rogue Val.
Her heal burst is special. It has a cooldown, and when it’s off cooldown, it passively heals her entire team if they’re within a set distance around her. Once she uses it, it heals her for 100% health. But then it also stops healing her and her allies overtime. Once you force her to use it, her healing suffers. Bucket however has an ability that will instantly reset everyone’s class specials; including her heal burst. Allowing her to heal to 100% health twice.

Val and Crow can hit you with long ranged slows. One’s a trapper, one’s a medic.



Is there a specific reason why you don’t skill abduct?


Feels weak to me. I used it in the first few games, then just dropped it from my skill list. Feels too slow to me. My build is set around speed.