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I feel that I should have done this a long time ago, but here it is anyway.

If you have any questions regarding gameplay or game mechanics or perhaps even tactics or strategies you and your team have come up with. Ask them here! I normally hate to boast, but my knowledge of this game is quite vast so I hope to be able to answer most questions about Evolve. And this might also take some pressure of the developers :smile:

So, go ahead! From the most basic stuff to the tinniest detail, ask ask ask! Knowledge is power and it will help you in gaining wins in Evolve!

Levelling the odds: permanent buffs
Hunter time durations

Why do they have a health regeneration perk? Isn’t the purpose a health race. A vid from ghost rod is, he’s playing and has one fourth health them boom full health from killing a tyrant.


My personal theory as to why is thus: To help prevent humans from camping out at the generator the entire game in a strong defensive position. This way if the buff is there, the monster can go in, get a couple strikes, and then go out to regen. If the hunters don’t give chase, the monster can heal up a bit.


And building off of that, it would make the monster play more aggressively, and in turn have the hunters have to react to more tense situations. If you are gaining health back, I feel like the monster may stick around for the extra 10 seconds instead of bugging out and trying to rebuild shields.

All in all, minimizing the war of attrition or beat the clock games


Well first of all, remember that the health regeneration buff is only on maps with a predator in them. Secondly, sure it is the most powerful buff for the monster, he in return gets a crap perk from the Mega-Mouth: Increased pounce damage. Wheras the hunters gain 50% cooldown reduction on class-based abilities (personal shield, mobile arena etc) and is probably one of the best buffs for the hunters. And third, it can be countered by the hunters by killing the predator that holds the perk. And last, it’s only good if you’ve actually taken damage. If not, the perk is useless.

Now, you can argue that it creates un-counterable to play to a hunter team that defends the generator. However, you have to imagine this situation to realise that it doesn’t even matter that much:

Say the game has been going on without any real engagement. The monster still has full health, no strikes on the hunters. The monster reaches stage 3, the hunters go to the generator. As a monster, all you have to do is go to the hunters, take down the trapper/medic (medic first if it’s Lazarus ofc) and leave. Then, armor up and engage again. Take down the medic/trapper again, retreat, gain armor, re-engage. Most of the time, the hunter’s wont get through your armor if you completly focus on just getting one strike and then retreat.

I’ve thought a lot about what the monster can do vs a team that doesn’t even hunt him and just sits by the generator. Well that’s very simple: Evolve to stage 3, get full armor, a nice buff and engage. Get a strike on the trapper/medic, retreat and gain armor. Once you’ve got full armor again, re-enage and get another strike. Retreat, gain new armor and re-engage.

Very boring, but it works vs a team that doesn’t hunt you.

Oh and don’t worry about the in-game timer. It’s 20 minutes, more than enough time to retreat,armor up and re-engage a couple of times.


Thank u man


You are more than welcome. Anyone who reads this, forum member, lurker or visitor, come out of your hidey-hole and ask your questions!


I kind of suspect this might be reworked or changed down the road. Especially since it’s map specific, you have a greater chance of winning or coming back as the monster on Fusion Plant than you do on dam. This is the biggest issue I see with it.

As people get better, expect the placement or even existence of this perk to be altered or changed. I highly doubt it will remain as is. It’s balanced while people are new but as more monsters are unable to get to stage 3 without being bruised (because hunters get better at tracking, trapping, and fighting the monster), the better this perk becomes. And the fact that’s it on some maps only and not on others is something that could be an issue. The same goes for the cooldown reduction for hunters.

I don’t know, it just seems it’s going to tip the balance in favor of one team too much based on the map.


I already pretty much know the answer to this question, so it’s more of a pet peeve, but in the evolve wiki and in the hunter tutorials it says that trapper harpoons have to be broken by hitting either Maggie’s actual trap or Griffin, but you see them just swing at the line and it breaks. If I hadn’t watched like every gameplay for a trapper I could find, it would really confuse me when I finally play the game.


I’m pretty sure that this is not the case. I believe that the devs specifically said that if you’re a hunter team, you have to be careful not to over-kill every piece of wild-life that flows into your path for this very reason. I do wonder if the monster would just get their respective perk from that wild creature, and the hunters would get theirs or not. That I do not know for a fact. But you can poach the other team’s kills for perks I believe.


I can’t find where I read it, but in another thread made recently, it was confirmed that if all hunters pick up the perk, it disappears leaving nothing for the monster, and if the monster picks up the perk, it disappears for the hunters. So if only 1,2 or 3 hunters get the perk, the monster can poach the perk off them. So hunter teams need to make sure everyone gets the perk.


Corpses rot away after a minute or two. You could kill the Tyrant who has the regen perk, then camp the corpse til it rots.

Alternatively, if a badly injured monster finds the regen perk, you could go on the offensive. Hunters get alerted when the monster gains a new perk. The regen is very slow, so the monster will have to wait a while before the damage is fully repaired. The hunters could go after him and try to take him down before his health builds back up.


This is untrue. All corpses disappear after 2 minutes, however.

You can place mines and such in corpses, not to mention that they eventually disappear. Especially killing it early on at Stage 1, you can completely prevent the Monster from having it later on when it actually matters.


Just to clarify, when I said ‘it disappears leaving nothing for the monster’, I didn’t mean that the body disappears, I meant that the perk disappears, meaning that the monster, or hunters couldn’t get it.


Right, but that isn’t the case. Hunters can kill the wildlife and claim their perk, then the monster can come by later, chow down, and get a perk from the same corpse. You can see it happen in some of the gameplay videos.


Hmmm, alright, i’ll look around and try to find the post I read, maybe I read it wrong. Maybe some of the devs could answer this question out right, cause I could have sworn that I read that it disappears for the opposing team.


Looks like I found what I was looking for, this is what I read.


Ya, you can hit the harpoon line as well as the base trap or break LOS. Those descriptions need to be updated.


You it’s not as big of a factor as you would think. The sloth perk and the Mammoth bird perks are both much better in my opinion. 35% extra damage from the sloth is like way strong. You can almost die a Hunter outright with stage 3 Flame Breath.

Also, I think the health perk was dialed back awhile ago. It only lasts so long and regens super slow.


Is there some in game chat ?
Or how will hunters communicate ?