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With the recent alpha there have been a lot of new members on the forums! I just thought it may be beneficial to create a thread where people who only recently started following Evolve could get there questions answered really quickly by those who have been following it for quite some time and know the answers to the majority of questions. Anyway, I hope this thread will get some use to try and avoid new threads that are just repeats like were in the Alpha threads… Anyway with the Alpha over I am pumped and ready for Evolve, so I basically live on the forums so ask anything!


I’d think there are already ample topics for new members to scour through, without having to add yet another.

A great resource for new players can be found in the Community Resource thread Jess had pinned here along with Alex’s awesome Guide to Shear.

We also have other various pinned or non-pinned threads that are easy to find such as Ask the Developers. I just hate seeing cluttered forums myself with 20 of the same threads when they already exist, at some point it then gets too clouded and confusing for people as to which they should read and such


I suppose you may be right, I have just noticed that even though the threads exist and the info is out there people wont scour through them for the info they just make a new thread


There is no point really to make new threads and constantly bumping them if there are already identical ones out there. That just creates spam considering it all.

If I wanted to, I could easily make other threads that list the same things others already do, since alot of people typically follow me on the forums and respect my input. However I do not, knowing that topics of discussion have already been covered, I tend to instead try to continue it in those threads more often than not.

It’s not the issue that people won’t scour through them, it’s the issue that people can be lazy and want everything right now, with disregards to the easy search function most forums have.

This was clear during Alpha testing and seeing the obvious Push to Talk Bug thread every other second along with a few other types.

Sadly, not everyone in the online world wishes to use search features and would rather act first before attempting to check prior to doing so :frowning:


Yeah. I created this forum as an attempt to reduce duplicate threads. If there is a place where people can ask any question and get a response back quick I just figured they may stop making a thread for each question. There is the ask the devs thread, but getting a response can be very slow. I intended this forum to be a place people just getting into the hype could catch up without spending hours sifting through tens of thousands of posts or waiting on a response from a dev for every simple question they had. Sorry if my attempt to help makes things worse in your perspective…


I’m not saying it makes things worse, I am merely saying people will tend to post topics rather than post in them.

Just have to look at it from the other side, what if every active member here who knew much about the game posted a “Ask me anything!” thread. We’d likely end up having quite a lot of the same threads flung about, and it could be confusing to newcomers as to which to post in or the like.

If people want a response quick they usually will either search or typically most new users will create their own thread, and this is where the community chimes in quickly to. That’s all I’m saying.

We are all hyped for the game, you aren’t the only one here.


Which is why it is a “Ask the community!” thread and not “Ask me anything!” I just wanted a place where we as a community could answer the question collectively :stuck_out_tongue: I understand what you are saying

I was just hoping to bypass that to help reduce the flow of new repeated forums so that all of the questions could be in one place

Of course everyone is hyped for the game. It’s Evolve :stuck_out_tongue: Did I at some point say I was the only one here? I would like to apologize if something I said made me seem like I was trying to gain respectability and followers, or steal the show


The forums themselves serve that purpose however, since it IS the community :wink:

Along with other threads, that are in abundance. That’s all I’m trying to get at.

Don’t let my reply appear to be a discrimination for you posting what you wish to post, such as the ask a community thread, I was merely stating my opinion which will vary from others.

I was merely just stating that, as to point out there are plenty of people here in your shoes who are willing to help out any newcomers.


So let’s all work together to answer questions instead of talking around each-other :stuck_out_tongue: I admit I am a poor communicator and things work out better in my head then in practice.


We have been, by replying to the many people who have been asking questions :slight_smile:


lol ok then


You guys are both amazing, I just want you two to know that.


awwww, shucks :stuck_out_tongue:


Creeper McCreepers!