As per Usual - SLI + Pre-Download Question


Checking in again a month before the beta is scheduled.

Is SLI going to be supported in the Beta?

Will you be allowing pre-downloading again like in the Big Alpha?

Thanks in advance @MacMan


Sigh. I have classes till noon on the sixteenth… I will miss a whole fourish hours! :frowning:


Unfortunately no. I got confirmation that it is in for release, but not for the beta build.


I know your feel Peirs. Let us cri togethor.



Can we pre-download the game for the beta?


I think we were able to preload 24 hours before the day during the Big Alpha. I would expect the same here, though I don’t know for sure.



hello, I saw your post that was filled with rage, and that you were looking for a post with a reply from a Co-Founder regarding SLI. please feel free to reference this post.

@Plaff feel free to lock this post so he can’t start flaming here, too.