As per request


Of the guy I just played a game with here is some footage of him using some kind of cheat engine software. He didn’t believe me that we were fraps’ing him after the first game and asked me to post it.

Here you go buddy:


It’s funny me and @Quirkly just legit played against this guy a couple of matches ago. I didn’t notice anything fishy…


We did what now?
Who was it 0.o


It’s a jump hack, I’ve seen it used a bunch of times already. In the vid you can see his leap smash goes farther then normal and his 2nd jump out of the 6 he does seems to defy gravity with how high and far he goes.


Pretty sure we was Goliath. I remember beating him.


Ohhh yeah.
Wasn’t he that pansy Wraith that just spammed decoy?
Or was he the Goliath me and you duoed as Slim and Abe?


Ehm… what exactly is the problem here?


Mmmm those look like legitimate leaps and jumps. If it helps clarify, leap smash gets 10% more range at elite, I think.


I think it just gets a larger radius/area of effect, actually.


It says “10% range” and it seems like it goes further (primarily because I always felt it was short, and after mastering Goliath it feels good). I feel like it would say 10% radius instead (since that’s a word used to describe one increasing factor for some abilities). I feel like there’s a mastery bonus that gives radius.

I don’t know. It would be really hard to test, I think.