As monster you evolve... lets evolve even more!

So my suggestion is, what if skills, only when maxed out with skill points, they get an additional effect?
Like banshee mines when maxed could go for deployables, same for wraith’s decoy.
Or goliath’s flames when maxed can reduce the healing received for a hunter while he is on fire.
Bob tongue grab reduces jetpack efficiency for a brief moment when a hunter is grabbed.
The idea behind this concept is to make skill points distribution much more dynamic and adaptable to situations.


When you do level it you hear Goku come over and say “And this… Is going even further…


Monsters are already getting passives. They don’t need passives on top of passives on top of perks.


I actually made a monster completely based on that…

Sorry for that. I mean, i didn’t know about that, since i’m not interested about those topics but i rather prefer balance suggestions and lore.
My intention was just about to improve the game basis we already have.
Again, i’m deeply sorry if it seemed to you that i stole your idea.
Didn’t mean to do that, not intended at all.

Lol nah it’s not that I’m saying you stole my idea,actually you made it better. Mine was for a single monster,yours is for all monsters, I actually hadn’t thought of that. Sorry about making it seem like that

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No problem!! No need to apologize!
I’m happy it wasn’t what i thought. I hate people stealing ideas from others in every question (music, inventions, etcetc.).
Btw the basis of my idea is “what makes you want to max decoy instead of supernova?” And the answer is my suggestion, to make much clearer the skill points distribution and make it unique every game.

Sadly I don’t think it’ll ever be put in the game