As monster does objective matter?


So i was wondering if the objective in hunt will grant you more ranks on the leaderboard then just killing the party? also how is the leaderboard ranking determined? what scores increase it? really want to try and get up there with the monster not sure the fastest way to increase it other then just winning.


By “objective” I assume you mean destroying the Relay? If so then you just need wins.

Doesn’t matter how you win. Kill the Hunters, destroy the Relay, etc.


If you’re looking for that XP boost, play Evacuation.


No not XP just ranking in the leaderboards. Example i am rank 983 as monster, however this week i ranked 16 as monster.


As far as I know your leaderboard standing is determined on the number of games won. So it doesnt matter if you kill the hunter or destroy the relay. You alway get the same win.

It is the same as for example on Nest. For hunters, you can either kill the monster or destroy all the eggs. You get a win for the leaderboards either way.