"As It Was Meant To Be Played"


…Seriously? Okay, gettin sick of this.

Read the name of the game. Evolve. EVOLVE. Not FIGHT THE MONSTER.

Stop it, you know exactly who you are, stop saying that the Devs intended for the game to end at stage 2. Stop saying that monster players are somehow bad people because they choose to get as much power as they can -before- facing down the hunters.

So devs, settle it now. Was this game meant to be played to stage 2 and no further, or was it meant to be played as it is right now - With the skill of the players in evading/catching their opponent determining the outcome of the match.


I dunno man, I believe in thunder-doming on the relay stage 1 fox only final destination no items 1v1 highlander rules.


…wut. i don’t… what?


Stage 1. You get 30 seconds to feed, and then you have to return to the drop zone. You stand with honor, and let the hunters fan out.

Then you fight, 1v1, against the assault. If he wins, it’s game. If you win, he dies.

The support moves in. 1v1 again. Support vs you. Battle to the death. Victor moves on.

If you win, you’re up against the trapper. And if you kill the trapper, you’re up against the medic.

There can only be one survivor.

This is the only way to play.

edit: I’m being sarcastic by the way.

Highlander game

I think the game was “meant” to be played at stage 2, where the playing field is level.

HOWEVER, the entire point of the game is for one team to catch the other when they are weak. Hunters want to get the monster as fast as possible and put him down before he becomes to strong and the monster wants to survive long enough to evolve to stage 3 so he can overwhelm the hunters. Each team WANTS their advantage, if the hunters can’t stop a monster before he stages up that is their fault and likewise with the monster, if the monster fails to play well and evade before he can power up he was outplayed.

The game was meant to be played however the players in the game choose to play it.


This does sound kind of fun actually. Despite your sarcasm.


You can’t Thunder Dome on Highlander mode everyone knows that. Its either “Welcome to the thunder dome!” or “There can be only one!”

(Trapper is Thunder Dome, Monster is Highlander)


I made a post about this, but it wasn’t a player amassing power, he was just goading us around the map. Obviously players retain the “right” to advance to stage 3, it’s the hunters responsibility to stop them. It can just be annoying when certain players abuse that ability by toying the hunters and not evolving, which I’ve seen before


You forgot no abilities - fists & primary weapons only.

(if only a hunter had a melee secondary, it would be an awesome Goliath/hunter showdown)


Even that can be misunderstood though.

I once did a match as a Kraken on orbital drill. Fought hard to get to stage 3, at which point the hunters returned to the relay. I approached many times, but every time it was disadvantageous, and so I retreated.

The part of me wandering was probably 11 minutes long, trying to find a good angle to attack to, and failing each time I attempted. There were new true engagements, save for the last one which, I’d like to point out, still killed me.


Definitely ok to flee till 3, thats why Wraith was so popular, but i prefer “Flee till 2, get ready for 3, get strikes with minimal health loss, then get 3”.
Makes that stage 3 win all the more sweeter, hunters drop like prices in a steam sale.
It all depends on the team tbh, i wont rush 3 against a great camping team (Markov, Maggie, Bucket, the camp comrades) but on teams that are best when chasing (Basically tier 3) you can be damn sure im rushing 3, they wont stand a chance.
Thats my take tho


Well that I understand, the match I was referring to had a player who didn’t go stage 3 until the exact moment the 3 minute timer showed up, which was rather suspicious. I love playing monster, and I take my time to insure I’ll win during my engagements with the hunters, but some players abuse that concept, at least it appears that way


As a hunter player I find that my group is relatively weak when it comes to tracking, but generally strongest at a stage 3 relay fight, so we often don’t even bother tracking the monster till we think we’ve got all the buffs off the field. The (needed) deployables nerf will probably put a bit of a damper on that strat and have us practicing our tracking skills and hustling to find some stage 2 fights, but I still anticipate more than our fair share of stage 3 monster kills.

I’ve had more than one monster player tell us we were playing the game wrong :laughing:


I don’t think anyone’s saying that. At least, I haven’t read it. I prefer fighting at S2. You don’t need to. Some people prefer it. There wouldn’t be an S3 if you weren’t meant to get to it.


My premade buddies play the game where we get our first dome often within the first minute of touchdown. If we get at least half of the monster’s health down, it’s considered a good dome. It makes the rest of the match go much easier if you can fight any of the S3 monsters at half health (even full armor). That said, 90% of non-Wraith matches end before the monster even goes S2. Only the really good monster players give us a challenge, and they really are a force to be reckoned with at S2.

The game is meant to be played however the players dictate it. A good monster who knows how and when to sneak and juke players can easily evade a dome until S3. At the same time, a really good premade knows how to fan out and flush even the best monster out of the perfect bush.


Evolve to stage two, and the game is supposed to be balanced. If you’re able to make it to stage 3, you have the advantage.