As Bad as IGN First Evolve gameplay was, I miss daily info... :(


I need my fix… devs help us addicts…


Have some lightsaber instead! (I want my fix to)


ROFL - just getting silly now with these LOL.


Haha ya, they are pretty funny though. My favorite is this one.

Reminds me of the .hack Anime Great Chain-Swords.


Ok, since there is a thread with this picture as the subject, THAT LIGHT SABER IS SO RIDICULOUS!!! Talk about a worthless hilt, the blade would just cut through the metal at the base :disappointed_relieved:


I posted this in the other thread, but I have a theory that I think would make for an interesting narrative point of view. Basically, a non force user is trying to emulate the use of a lightsaber and couldn’t find a way to control the energy dissipation. Those side ‘jets’ are merely venting some of the excess energy that she/he can’t control. We know of a super dense alloy that can stop lightsabers, maybe this was just the next evolution? Otherwise, yes, the claymore idea is a bit silly imo if it’s just ‘guard sabers’. My wife said that she thinks it would be cool if they can be removed similar to Darth Maul’s Saber and have lightsaber daggers :stuck_out_tongue:


I know this doesn’t count as a daily - but for a good laugh at @MaddCow 's expense:

Madd Cow’s 91st game, 4 minute mark



You don’t get it. This is a sequel. We have to take it up a notch if we want people to take it seriously.


Hahaha, that made me actually laugh out loud at work!


I was surprised how often I would be jetpacking and literally land right on/in a megamouth or plant :stuck_out_tongue:


Quit hijacking threads for Star Wars…I’m super excited for the new movie, but we have to wait even longer for that than Evolve. Gahhh. TRS pls


I don’t remember jetpacking into one - but I hit a few. What happened more times than not was hugging a wall trying to conserve jetpack, and stumbling into a ‘chomp plant’. Ugh! Anyway - I was watching one of your Griff vidoes and it hit me as funny.


I’m glad I played with teammates that realized they couldn’t get to me and focused on chasing the monster still.


Don’t know what I’d prefer, daily info on the game, or knowing everything already. The build up and slow release has been so much fun, if a bit painful at times!


I thought the same thing as well but have faith in the claymore lightsaber. I feel like they have to have some cool plans for it other than as a guard since that shouldn’t work lol.