As Abe should I randomly spam my darts?

  • I can have unlimited trackers
  • Nothing gets pissed of when I hit it (besides the monster)
  • I can have as many darts active as I want
  • I can get lucky and (maybe) hit the monster
    So since I plan on using Abe a lot (not unlocked yet) I could use some insight and some tips.

Thank you!


Dart everything. If the monster eats it, he gets tracked.


Was playing with an Abe last night. It was comical really, constantly hearing the little dartgun sound. CONSTANTLY.

As for shooting it randomly, I dunno. There’s plenty of wildlife, probably better to focus on making sure you get all of them.

But then, I open every round with Cabot with a hail mary orbital dust if there’s birdsign, so who am I to judge?


All true, you can show some strategy as well by killing some lame albinos and darting the corpse. Make it a value proposition where either you’ve denied a perk or they eat it and you get them.

Also, when you say the done is about to go down always day again and throw a stasis grenade to try to keep on them till you get your dome off of cooldown.