As a terrible Kraken (from me to you)


I would like to inform the masses, someone gave me some hints of how to build as the Kraken, and this morning I tested and tried it. Come to find out these tips I got were spot, freaking, on. The tipster told me to make a build at 2 mines, 1 vortex and at level two focus both again to level 3 each. And also focus down the assault, it will effectively double, if not, triple your health in doing so. I played against Parnell, Maggie, Cabot, Caira. And after I took down Parnell and got his first strike, the rest of the team fell with ease.


Or you could body block a hunter into a corner while you land a LS on his head. Never gets old.


Parnell should activate shield when he gets to half health, and then by the time the shields finished, the medic should have him back to full health, meanwhile you’re taking a crap ton of damage from all the others.
I’m not entirely sure how this works. Wouldn’t it be better to attack Parnell until he activates his shield, then focus medic, so parnell doesn’t get healed, and when the shield runs out, finish off assault?


Why half health? If you do it the moment it focuses you you can buy time, and your medic can focus on something else.


That build works alot I use the vortex for quick animal kills. Provoke fights near areas where it’s dangerous for the hunters to stand.


One of the best tips for Kraken that someone told me is to not poop out all the Banshee Mines at once. If you poop out all 3 in a row, once one hits the other two will be pushed back and won’t seek a target.

You’ll notice that you can poop them out in different directions by aiming one at a time, to the point where you can just poop one out when the cooldown is third of the way though its full cooldown even though it looks like you can’t use the ability yet.

A good combo to practice is Vortex into a Banshee Mine.

Or aim the Lightning Strike at someone and quickly switch targets for surprise zapping.

It’s all fun just try it out! The number one Kraken goes 1 point in Lightning 1 in Banshee and 1 in vortex and then points one point in those 3 each subsequent stage.

If you feel like like practicing try doing the defend in solo mode and blow some stuff up as stage 3. Always cheers me up!


Half health beacuse the medic can then heal you up. If I’m the monster and assault activates shield at the beginning of a fight, I’ll ignore him and pick on medic/support. Then when his shield is down and he has no protection, I will kill him. Whereas if he waits until half health, I’ll be right next to him and the whole team can focus on damaging me until he activates shield, and then medic can heal him up, while I try and pick on other people. For this reason, I often take health regen as assault - so I can activate my personal shield at half health, and be back on full when the shield has run out even if the medic is dead


Interesting strategies. I see all of them favor the mines. I’ve never been able to use them effectively enough as to notice it and make them a staple in my selection.
I prefer to use Aftershock because battles get crowded often. I guess all four powers are useful enough, because with Goliath I see some overlap in function between the Rock and the Leap


For everyone that commented, I hope you also see this. Here was what I found when I played this strategy - while I was fighting Parnell, Caira was doing her job to the “T” but Parnell was squirming around so much that sometimes he would jet away from her healing nades, which IS my assumption to why this build was immediately successful. After I took him out and began to focus on the others, someone brought him back, and I struck out other members. After I retreated, I regained full armor and fought and beat them the second (or third) time around. (Can’t exactly remember)


This is true, I’ve done it before this tip, but it really does not get old. Lol


My tipster also told me the same thing, and up until my most recent match I didn’t, but I don’t think that is true. As I tried it in my last match and it still did considerable amount of damage.