As a monster, what is your playstyle? (Be honest)


Any monster, what rank the hunters are, the map etc. My best monsters are Kraken and Behemoth. As much as I’ve tried I can’t control Goliath for the life of me. I’ll use gorgon on the odd occasion. Anyway, for me it doesn’t matter if it’s determining ranks or silver experts, I’ll do my best to get to stage 2 and ambush the hunters. As behemoth I roll towards them out of nowhere and begin with fissures, rock walls lava bomb and…well I throw everything at them. As kraken I get close to a high point if I can, jump and let out a lightning strike to start and go from there. If I can handle the hunters at that point and they start ripping up my health, best thing I can do is either run and get more armour or get to stage 3. Some maps I dread going to stage 3 as I know the generator is in a bad place for me to fight. I try and end a game quickly and fairly and tend not to run off too much if I know the hunters can win, I try and make it enjoyable for both sides.


I play smartly aggressive. At Stage 1 I run to armor up. If the Hunters over-pursue and one is alone and lower on health, I may turn back and attempt a Strike. Worst case scenario, I get domed and can still mitigate damage, and the Strike would be good payoff.

Stage 2 I armor up and then give the Hunters the business. I want to work on luring them into favorable domes more. Usually by now I know if this will end up being a Stage 3 fight or not. If I can hack it, I’ll do as much at Stage 2 as possible and once I start losing 2-3 bars of Health I will run off and go Stage 3.


So for Goliath, I try to play stealthy as much as possible. If hunters are near I always hide in bushes… I never ever engage in a fight, but let them attack me first. I always use the Mega 3 Rock with 3 LS.

Kraken- I always sneak in the beginning and find a cave and start eating. Now if I know I want to fight in a cave (if available) i will go Stage 1 AS. Usuully I go Ls 1 Vortex 1 and Banshee 1. I try to engage in super long range. I am quite accurate with long distance LS and banshee mines.

Wraith, I sneak in beginning, use warp blast (2) and 1 in Decoy.
Stage 2 I max WB and 1 in abduction and 1 in super nova. When I fight, use SN and immediately use WB for the extra damage.

Behemoth. I never sneak, just go all out rolling (“They see me rolling, they Hatin”). Many people don’t like lava bomb but I do. 2 in LB and 1 in fissure. When Stage 2. I use 1 rock wall, 1 LB and 1 Fissure. I trap the hunters with rock wall, quickly LB and fissure, then BOOM DOWN!

Gorgon, I just suck as her. Like I lose control when using her, I accidentally go to far when trans versing. Its a mess


I main Kraken so stage 1 1 Ls 1 Banshee mine 1 Vortex If i’m caught in a dome I will make sure to damage everyone who decides to think they are invincible and shoot at me and the only time I will stop going for one person is when i see a target who has lower hp then the one i’m chasing. Stage 2 the moment when I have a better chance 3 in aftershock and 1 in everything else. I can stand my ground in most cases with this load out. stage 3 3 aftershock, 3 lighting strike, 2 vortex, 1 in banshee mines. (pretty much get to stage 3 to guarantee the games ends and not have to worry about the timer)


Goliath for me is sneak and try to get a quick pounce. Then it turns into a smash mouth in your face game, and pull out to refill armor.
Kraken is stay airborne as much as possible and if you want to fight me in a cave, you will taste lightning and all die.
Wraith is all sneak all the time and try to pick off key Hunters with abductions and some quick, brutal attacks. Then run like mad. Basically Hit n Run.
Behemoth is pure smash mouth as soon as he has armor. Roll into the fight and just start burning the area and rolling over anything in your way. Also use the rock wall to separate poor Hunters or even get that pesky Assault/Support off your back for a minute.
Gorgon, for me is pretty similar to Wraith just a million times harder.


At stage one its all about the food and being a sneaky troll. So many times I lure the hunters in one direction only to sneak back the other way, sometimes right under their noses. This is only something I can reliably do with griffin or abe but I can juke most maggies and jacks pretty well. If I’m domed I will usually try to avoid combat and mitigate as much as possible but if I see the trapper is out of position I roll in and try to get a strike or at least drop the dome if laz is there.
When I hit stage 2 the plan doesn’t change too much but instead of avoiding combat I’m watching for the hunters to catch up so I can get into a good position for an ambush. But this all depends on if they can find me or not, if they never actually find me I will simply stay as stealthy as possible and get my evolve meter full. Once its full I stop the sneaking and try to make my position known as much as possible while avoiding bad areas to fight, at this point I’m hunting the hunters so I can get a few strikes in before the final confrontation.
Once I get a few strikes on the team, preferably on anyone except the trapper, I disengage and get enough distance to allow myself to evolve. The hunters almost always camp the relay at this point so ill approach it carefully trying to see where they have decided to stand their ground and lob a long range attack their way and move in while they are distracted.

the hunters have a different priority lineup depending on what stage I’m at.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

These priorities are not concrete as certain characters are bigger targets regardless of class such as laz, hank, sunny, daisy, kala, crow, and griffin. Probably in that order


I main Behemoth so:

At stage 1 I’m using standard feeding routes to rush evolve as quickly as possible.
If I got domed I’m mitigating but at the same time I’m observing hunters, checking what they’re able to do.
Are they coordinated? Are they playing agressively, or defensively? Who’s the weakest link. Who’s the most likely to panic and do something stupid.
After 1-2 domes I know these things and I’m ready to Stage 2 fight.

At stage 2 with full armor and more than 75% of my health I’m confident to engage hunters at and time and at any place.
I’m using knowlage that I got from preavious fights and go full retard on hunters trying to get as many strikes as possible and I’m disengaging only if my health lover than 2-3 bars.
At this time I should be ready to evolve to Stage 3.

At Stage 3 after fully armoring up I’m going to the relay for the last fight.
No more running, no more hiding, no more mitigating this is the last and final fight.
Or I did well on previous stages and I’m gonna crush hunters or I’m gonna lose.


Sneak around a bit at Stage 1, maybe poke some.

Stage 2 I start pressuring the Hunters.

Stage 3 is if I’m in an emergency.


So, Original Poster: you say you’re good at Kraken and Behemoth? Just letting you know, those are the easiest Monsters to use for a reason - they’re both overpowered like crazy. So, no surprise there that those are your best Monsters. They’re the easiest to use and require little to no skill these days, Kraken due to its flight and distance, Behemoth just soaks damage and never dies.

Of course, nothing against you, hopefully no one takes that fact rudely (crossing my fingers). This doesn’t say you have no skill, it’s just Kraken and Behemoth that require no skill.

My sources for Behemoth - I was in a match on Defend today as Kala, my entire team was shooting the Behemoth once he got to the final power source, full health. He never left the power source’s side, and never killed any of us, therefore never getting his shields back. Once he completely destroyed the power source, roughly forty percent of his health was still there. Pathetic.

(Just an above note, no stealth play-styles, because Stealth is slightly UP and you should reconsider. Save for Gorgon, maybe, Stealth is not made for any Monsters, especially for Goliath)…

As for the Monsters, I main Goliath (Besides Gorgon, but I talk about her too much), so here is my playstyle:


Perks: Walking speed or traversal speed

Skin: As Goliath, I use the Tiger Skin. (Specifically not white). I find it to be flashy, and although it doesn’t help you blend in to your environment, it can be quite nice, complementing well with Goliath’s feline-like anatomy and movements. He’s so graceful, despite his brawler-type.


  1. Part one: Immediately from the Match’s start, I run. Straight off. I search for small prey, like Canyon or Marsh Striders, and stay away from all Elite Wildlife or Predators. As a Stage One Monster, you can easily lose your shields and may accidentally take permanent damage, so I’m careful where I’m stepping as to make sure surprise Tyrants don’t lurch out of the water at me. I never sneak or try to pounce. I always make sure there is as much distance between me and the Hunters as possible. I never expose myself in areas that may look like a trap. Once a safe distance and food has been eaten, I head on over to Stage Two.

  2. Part two: As a Stage Two Monster, I’ve now unlocked all of the abilities for the Goliath, so I am less resilient and am alright at putting up a good share of combat. Engagement at this stage is also more exciting for your Hunter players, so always be sure to put up a good fight. Take down the Trappers and Medics, give them Strikes, so your combat if (once) you get to Stage Three will be easier. Food I hunt at this time - any large wildlife I can find. They’re now easier to fight at this Stage, and you have more opportunities to kill them. Also, I go on the prowl for Elite Wildlife so I can get some help in combat. If Hunters aren’t easy or I’ve lost a good deal of health; Evolve to Stage Three.

  3. Part three: I go straight for the kill. Or if the Support cloaks and runs off, I destroy the Relay. There, done. Easy.


Actually, Kraken is UNDERpowered.


Yeah I know what you mean and I’m aware they are the easiest but to fully maximise their potential it does require a certain amount of skill, not as much as other monsters but I’ve seen behemoths and kraken a die as easily as any other monster. They are only OP if you know how to properly use them, powerful to someone who can just grasp how to play them, but not OP at that point. I’m working towards gorgon elite right now which could turn out to be my best. I usually skip out on mimic but having to elite it, I might start using it. It’s not as usuless as I first thought.


Oh. I’ve got my evidence here?

If this helps.

Thanks to @Rick for the good supporting details. C:


I understand. C:


Doesn’t matter which Monster I play as, I’m not good and that’s probably because I don’t have a “playstyle.”

I try so hard, but I die. I’m not good at fighting and knowing when to focus a Hunter and when to stop. But I hate when I play against Monsters that just run run run, so I try not to run much after I reach Stage 2.

I die a lot but I’ve evened out around Silver Skilled, which is better than I thought my ranked Monster play would be LOL


Damn, that’s a bummer. I always find survival as a Monster easier than the Hunters’ because you aren’t so dependent on other people for a chance to win. Typically, if one of my Hunter teammates are awful, chances are I’ll lose. :C


It’s only easier for survival if the hunters are terrible. The tables turn when all four hunters work and coordinate perfectly, no matter how hard you try to survive. Been in that situation too many times and I felt helpless -_-


I main goliath, I’ll eat up as much as possible but I don’t really try to hard to avoid an engagement, if I’m domed at stage one I just play defensively but strongly towards getting some strikes in. Typically I can only do this by separating the hunters so I’m usually successful with this every what…3/10 domes and at stage two I do two fire and one leap so Ofcourse stage one isn’t the best for me to engage but like I said I’m usually defensive on this position. Stage two I go 2 fire, one leap, 2 rock, and one charge and with this build the same rules apply but more offensively and I try to even out how much health I’m willing to sacrifice for a strike or two. And stage three I’m using 2 fire 3 rock 3 leap and 1 charge, at this point all hell breaks just breaks loose.


I’m an aggressive wraith/kraken/gorgon. Lately I always pick armor regen. I never sneak or sneak pounce. As soon as I have full armor I engage. If I can get two strikes without incurring health loss I push a stage 1 encounter and do not evolve.

my new favorite challenge is stage 1 victories. I don’t need to hide, just break los long enough to eat and reposition. if you beat a team at stage 2, try doing it at 1. way more fun.

I pick odd combinations for skills, like Banshee Mines 2 and Vortex 1, and play the entire hunt match with just those two skills.

Mostly I play to make the matches interesting for the hunters, not to win.


My go to wraith setup

Stage 1: 2 Warp blast, 1 Decoy w/ traversal recharge. Avoid any and all confrontations until stage 2.

Stage 2: 3 Warp blast, 2 Supernova. Armor up and accept any and all confrontations w/ ATLEAST 75% armor. Save supernova and focus the support with warp blasts and melees until the cloack, then you pop supernova and follow the blood trail until they go down. Rinse and repeat until support is dead from 2 strikes and apply one more strike on any hunter of your choice, then on to stage 3.

Stage 3: 3 supernova, 2 abduction. The team will most likely be setup at the relay. Try to open up w/abduction, and if you hit they should panic jetpack away. Then after they burn all of their jetpack follow up w/ warpblast and supernova. By that time they may have some jetpack recharged so use abduction if they try to escape after that combo. I can’t even think of a right scenario to use the current decoy in so just don’t use it XD

For anyone who hasn’t tried this, try and use it. You’ll pull off some amazing victories I tell you


Can’t believe people still believe in the charts, yeah Kraken might be under powered if you don’t play it often or have like 10 hours on it compared to the other Kraken mains which have 200 + hours on the monster.

I’d play Goliath, I’d either play stupidly reckless or I’ll actually try and go in less reckless ?