As a Monster, Should I Be Engaging at Stage 1?


Bear with me, I can be long winded (I don’t mean to be)…

I’m trying to get better as the Monster. To this end, I’ve been going over the different aspects of my game; seeing where I need to improve, and what I can do differently to become better.

Thus, as my Topic heading asks, I’m wondering if I should be engaging the Hunters at Stage 1?
I know this is highly subjective and depends largely on which Monster I’m playing, who the Hunters are, their skill level, the map, etc. But GENERALLY speaking, is it advised to try and engage the Hunters at Stage 1 in an attempt to get strikes?

My current strategy is to dash as far away as possible, go stealth, feed until I’m able to Evolve, go Stage 2, gain some armor, and by then I feel confident enough to tackle most Hunter teams.

Before evolving to Stage 2, should I be going at the Hunters while I have full armor/health?

There are 2 conditions in which I wont engage Hunters at Stage 1 no matter what. Those are:

  1. They have an Abe. If they have an Abe and I pick a fight at Stage 1, there’s little chance I’ll be able to find a safe place to evolve.
  2. If I’ve taken any health damage at Stage 1, be it from the Hunters or wildlife, then I try to evolve asap.
    Is this flawed reasoning?

I appreciate any help and advice you can give. Thank you for taking the time to read and offer any suggestions.


Generally speaking I don’t see many times when it IS useful against a good coordinated team. That being said, if you see the medic, for isntance, in the mouth of a Tyrant and you have full armor you might get something out of it. 95% of the time it’s a big no though.


Roger that. Thank you sir.


I’m no monster player (yet), but from what I understand it’s mostly a no. If the hunter team splits up and you can maybe down one alone and get away with it, it could be beneficial to you. Or, if the hunters are on your tail the whole game and you foresee having no choice but to fight at stage 1, I think the common recommendation is to try to get a wildlife buff and then fight with full armor.

It also depends on what your monster build is. If you do some kind of 1,1,1 build, your damage is going to be pretty poor versus having a maxed out rock throw or something, where you have a chance at downing someone.

Overall, the hunters are supposed to have an advantage over you at stage 1, which means that unless it’s advantageous to you, avoiding a fight until stage 2 is probably for the best.


My point of view is that if you find a perk and have full armor go for it! But make sure that when you go in you have a priority. One good target is the Trapper due to the fact of the dome will come down once you down. As well you can escape with no health cause it takes a good 15 to 20 seconds

My strat is to only target one hunter as any one will due as long as you can escape ( but remember to use a ability to knock the assault back and away ) and when your target is down run like hell, hide in a bush ( sometimes in plain sight cause your a trolly Goliath), or if your at some vantage KILL!


personally I am confident and strategic with Goliath. as you should know 1 point in each ability is 100% damage = 300% damage across your first 3 moves. way better than 1 move with max 3 points being 150-170% damage.
I stay far away at stage 1 just like you wait for lvl 2. but
this one time i got an ability cool down reduce 100% and used this to my advantage at stage one. with the support being crushed by mega mouth i was able to focus on the other 3 hunters and win.
helpful tip if you knock back a hunter nearby a wild plant or mega mouth they will fall right in it. happens a lot for me on both sides.


I’ve made this point before, but don’t overlook Assault as a good target, especially in an S1 encounter. I believe it’s somewhere in the telemetry thread, but generally speaking, Assault on its own does relatively the same amount of damage as the other three Hunters combined in a single round. If you can take out Assault, then that takes a lot of pressure off your Armor. I think Assault is a good target for an armored-up S! encounter.

Also, incaps feed your Evolve Meter, so as long as you’re smart about it, I think early engagements are a good idea.

edit: fighting near wildlife is always a good idea, IMO


I feel it depends on the team, and what monster you are using. Wraith stage 1 I wouldn’t, since it’s hard to catch a wraith anyways I get to stage 2 very fast. The other 2 just depends most of the time I still would say no, but I am by no means a good monster.


I like to go to a good spot in the map for an encounter such as caves for Goliath or near tyrants or striders. If they are close I’ll will engage but if not then I will evolve. If I have full armor and environmental advantages I engage. If not I don’t basicly.


Its situational. If a hunter gets too far ahead of his squad and I’m confident I can take him down before he reaches in time, or if there is dangerous wildlife and I have full armor, I’ll go for the engagement.

But most probably I only try this against pubs. Coordinated teams are abit too… coordinated heh


The problem is if they have Hank/Val or Caira. 1 point skills just don’t do enough burst to down them :frowning:


1 thing I noticed about the damage scaling, a level 3 ability seems to do almost twice the amount of damage than its level 1 ability. Has anyone else observed this as well?


yes that is very true but the only way to truly know is to private match and do the stats on all the abilities


Well 170% is almost 200%, which is twice the base damage amount.


30% difference is alot. Imagine a monster fighting hunters which picked up the elite crowbill perk.


My experience, and my sense of other players experiences, is that the sweet spot is Stage 2 with full armor. I’ve won games at Stage 1, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever picked that fight. I’ve also, err… lost quite a few games at Stage One because it took me half the Beta to figure out that Daisy was much better than she was in the Alpha at finding you.
There have been a couple of times when I found someone off by themselves at Stage 1 and took the opportunity, but otherwise my goal is a Stage 2 fight in the location of my choosing. Granted, I’m not that great so it doesn’t always work out that way. :slight_smile:


If you have full armor you might as well wrack up the down penalties. Honestly they make level 3 fights laughable.


Once again, I only got six matches in on the beta. You beautiful bastards have given me tons of things to try come release day!


Yo we’re Monsters, man…Gotta stick together, help each other out.


I’m a fan of expending some armor in a fight when im about ready to evolve. Gatta give that armor some use, you know?

This is a High risk-High reward play, and going against an Abe may not be the best choice, as you mentioned. However, it is totally possible to put a strike on a hunter.