As a monster, Renegabe still absolutely murders my FPS


and I’m pretty sure it’s because of all his fucking DoT particles.


It’s the Nerve Toxin Dart and TRS said they were looking into


@BFBK Sorry about this! We are still working on this issue! :cow:


Can’t you guys just remove his dart effect isntead of keep it like this? It’s not important to know when the monster has it like Cabot’s, so it’s a easy fix for now while you guys manage another important things. And this temporary fix won’t cost anything in terms of time to you, will it?


That sounds like a horrid idea. How else will your team know when to lay on all of their heaviest hitter for maximum effect? That’s like saying that Cabot shouldn’t show a visual effect when damage Amping the monster.


Cabot’s add 80%dmg if i’m not mistaken, right? besides It has a capacity limit to it, and it’s the main reason for you to pick Cabot. Now Rabe darts are just 10% of dmg increase and it’s less than 2 secs reload time, so a good Rabe will cycle through his weapons constantly, the 10% will always be there (presuming he’ll land the darts obviously). Now how many days we’re going to face this damn lag just to add add a easy 10% dmg? Cmon you can’t compare Cabot to his darts, honestly.


But it’s still an amping damage. It’s deserving of its own visual effects. Taking that from it is… it’s just silly.


Ok, so let’s keep lagging the Monster player as well and the pple who don’t have a decent gaming rig for days / weeks till they put this bug in the priority list.
I bet they’d land much more shots even without Rabe darts, guaranteed. I’ve this problem as well and i know what i’ve to face, and i asure you the price of this lag isn’t worth knowing when the monster will take 10% more dmg ^^


They’ll know to do it because any decent Rabe will always have all his dots going at all times.

As you may or may not have noticed, all those particle effects going at one time is kind of the fucking problem.


No, I haven’t noticed, because if you had any recollection of any of our past conversations I don’t play on PC. However, I highlyyyyy doubt that a gun that literally creates the same visual effect as Cabot’s laser can literally make the game unplayable.

What I have noticed however is how much of an angry person you are. It’s okay, I am too. I’m just not a dick about it, or, at least, not in the way you are. I’d prefer if you please changed your attitude and try to help me to better understand your side before you resort to the ad hominem. You’re a smart guy, you don’t need to be an asshole to get your point across. Thanks.


Hm, that’s fair I guess. Thanks for talking to me like a normal human and better explaining your position unlike others in this thread.


Glad you understood my point m8 x)~~


So…you don’t play on PC. You don’t have any experience with Stage 2. And yet you swoop down upon the thread and pretend you know anything about what’s happening in the game and all of a sudden I’m the bad guy being condescending to a clearly innocent individual who just so happens to know jack fucking shit.

Well golly gee willikers. I’m so sorry you feel compelled to post about things you are in fractal ignorance of. Maybe you should see somebody about that.


purposefully not tagging me so I wouldn’t call you out on your shit

So because I don’t necessarily play the exact same version of the game as you, I’m incapable of knowing what the issue is? Lol, okay buddy. Maybe you aren’t as smart as I have you credit for. My mistake. I’ll be sure to not overestimate you again.


Too bad in your case there’s nothing to overestimate. You’re too bloody ignorant to be apprised of your ignorance.


Again, not tagging me…

Ignorant about what exactly? I understand the situation that is going on, and I understand exactly what it is that you are requesting be changed. I’m ignorant because I don’t have the same opinion as you? :joy:


How have you demonstrated ignorance?

Let me count the ways.

Of the game in question.
Of the character in question.
Of the problem in question.
Of any possible solution.

Any more questions?


Um… no. I’ve played S2. The fact that I don’t play it frequently, and that I play Evolve much more frequently on my XBone doesn’t mean that I’m completely ignorant towards the occurrences in S2. The very notion that I would be completely ignorant towards S2, Renegabe, or anything regarding the two is absolutely stupid. I’m here every day, for most hours of the day. I am an active and contributing member of these forums. I know my shit better than you do. Yet you still have the audacity to call me ignorant about the game? I’m fucking dying :joy::joy::joy:

Lol, never change BFBK. You’re too funny :joy: