As a monster player your/my favorite part about daisy


when maggie is the last trapper and ran pretty far away from your smell, and daisy leads you straight towards maggie ^.^ thnx daisy :wink:

or when only 2 hunters remain and one is downed in front of me and support cloaked and ran away and drop ship coming in 15 seconds soo i let daisy revive the hunter and i kill him again for that second strike lol THNX AGAIN DAISY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



โ€ฆthe way she licks me. (to revive me)


I LOVE the second strike it gives me.

Never though that alien dog mutt horse monkey thing would help me out like that beforeโ€ฆ


I like the way she revives me when our Laz is on his way to use his almighty glove on me
and then I get a strike
Daisy, please.


i usually let daisy revive any medic and support that isnt hank or caira XD unless there are only 2 hunters left lol