As a monster player: Pounces to "finish" games need to be removed


This is a boring, little counter-play way to win that I, and other monsters, use as a crutch when hunters put in a lot of effort to kite and dodge.

I think this needs to be looked or altered in some way so that pounces are truly “sneak attacks” and not “lol, I win” buttons.

And by finish, I mean when you use it on the last hunter who stopped shooting you for 1/2 a second.


I think it’s fine tbh. It’s not too different than most RPGs/MMOs where if your damage dealer dies, it is a wipe. Your healer dies, it is a wipe etc… It’s a team based game and not a yolo CS, CoD, BF game where 1 person can carry a team.


Signed. Had a monster with half a bar of health left “sneak attack” our Markov for the win last night, just because he ran out of lightning juice and had to swap to assault rifle. At the very least make pistols break the pounce.

Pounce on last hunter needs to be removed

It’s kind of hard to remove when there’s an achievement/trophy tied to it


Pounce is a stealth ability that rewards the monster for being sneaky. If you are getting shot (just like the Hunter class in Left4Dead) you should be taken out of crouch, this includes damage from downed hunters.


I get why its there, but I can’t deny it’s cheap. I personally think that it’s right when this is an option rather than not.


To be fair, if Markov is last man standing and the monster has that little of HP he should have dropped mines. The mines would either kill the monster pre-pounce, or once the monster pounces you it takes a couple seconds to arm and that would kill him/knock him off.


Yes please, this shouldn’t be a thing. There should be some mechanic to break free of pounce.


that implies it couldnt be changed… ever…

It is cheesy and i used it once. ( for the achieve) Its ridiculous to sneak pounce someone shooting your face while they watch you come at em. not much “sneak”


When you are staring the monster in the face, it shouldn’t be able to sneak attack you. It’s happened to me a few times, like when I was reloading, feels very cheap. It’s a good reward for the monster who truly does surprise you, though.


While you are shooting yes. But in all good monster/horror movies the monster ALWAYS pounces while you reload/pull out another gun :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, mines were already down. The Kraken can fire off a sneak attack so fast that he caught him in the middle of the weapon swap animation, with no chance to do anything about it. If anything, I’d like to see the wind-up on that take longer, or the monster having to be in sneak mode for longer than a millisecond before it fires off.


I may be stupid but I’m not sure whether you’re agreeing with me or not but I do think you should stop you crouching


pounce working as intended


Agreed, it is a game mechanic and is working as intended.




how is it…not?

Think of it as a pounce, instead of a sneak pounce.

And yes, when you are the last hunter left, you are supposed to get killed by the monster


“Sure, you’re 30’ tall, you could punch a hole in the side of a bus, but I definitely can wiggle free of you!”



Except it SAYS “sneak” attack. It was INTENDED as an ambush tool, not a “hahaha i win!”.


I would think if i shot a monster in the eye with my pistol it would make it back off for a second. 30’ tall or not