As a monster player and now to hunter player... T4 Holy tamale!


any other monster players here buy the hunter pack because they are OP atm, story time!!! ^.^

there i was getting into a game, i randomly got in as sunny, soo i stayed and gave her a shot and BOOM, bought her and i have not lost once since i bought her,

my gawd guys at this moment its not worth being monster cause i usually roll goliath, but wow now i see why those pesky hunters have been giving me trouble lately,

my advice monster players get sunny to pwn some monsters easily, FACT sunny at times does waaaaaay more damage than assault class easily i get 15-25k damage at the end of every battle

enjoy her before they patch her XD shes OP, BUT FUN!!!


Sunny players before nerfs-

Sunny players after nerfs-


lol but the nerfs wont reach us in a month or 2 XD thats how its been, soo im betting $5 sunny wont be nerf from a month from now, soo enjoy the free and fun wins (HUNTERS ONLY) guys


The only thing I want fixed for Sunny is that stupid Mininuke…

Makes Evolve a Michael Bay movie. :confused:


Fun story, as goliath I still wreck T4, although I struggle with behemoth. I can wreck with behemoth against anything other than T4, it seems like they were SPECIFICALLY designed to destroy the behemoth… Kinda weird imo


its soo good i usually get 25k damage, AND the best part is… I RARELY AIM XD


yeah i beat T4 like 70% of the time but jesus i have to trick them to fight me in my close spaces XD lol, and put 0 points into flame breath, thank god i know all maps ^.^


Yeah, knowing all the maps back to front is a gigantic advantage now.


First you get the skills, then you learn the maps, then the pwning begins (^.^)


Then you get destroyed by Torvald and Sunny and SO MANY EXPLOSIONS. >.<


i noticed that slim is a crap healer, but his spore gun is a MAJOR advantage, everyone fears the hunters at the relay bwhahahaha


Yes… It is like giving the hunters the most OP evac effect…


i already won 3 games as slim with time running out cause the monster couldnt see us at the relay and kept running away XD


Please do this every match and never use your jp booster.


I bought the hunter pack by mistake when I first got the game, I though that it came with Behemoth, So I switched over to hunters seeing as I accidentally paid for them and I gotta say t4 is a lot of fun, I still do like markov and hank a lot though,

maybe I will go back to monster some day, but I also feel like a jerk running away from hunters, and if its a good hunter group there is a lot of running, so its kind of nice to not feel like a giant jerk haha.


Im not having trouble against sunny anymore only got 1 loss on 169 wins with goliath, i have a sunny counter works everytime


And what is this all so mighty counter?


youre gonna have to figure it out lol, not having goliaths running around doing it all over then there will be a goliath nerf shortly after sunny nerf lol


Wait a minute… you’re bashing my sunny+torvald threads, then secretly drinking the cool aid? I’m onto you Rose… :kraken_stare:


Yeah, I bought the game to play as monster. LOVED it. I wasn’t always very good at them… but some forum posts, asking for tips, and I learned to develop some styles that worked out well :smile:

Then… Tier4. So I decided “If you can’t beat them… join them!”… and my career as a sunny/slim/crow came to fruition.