As a Kraken player


im going to have to say his best skill is a level one banshee mine.

It is so useful for getting extra dmg on carnivores, annoying hunters, reducing your dmg taken (cause other wise the hunters take the dmg), proximity alerts.

i would also have to say his worst or least preferred ability is aftershock. (does ok dmg but doesnt feel as satisfying as his other skills)


Alls depends on the monsters playstyle. :slight_smile:


It feels less satisfying but its his second best skill,after lighting strike


I’ve done a few naughty things with them, like leaving a pack of them just around a corner as the hunters chase me (Surprise!), and leaving a few right where the Hunters would land at the start of the game (Still kinda feel bad about that one… but those seconds it gives matter!)

I like them for sure, I usually go Lightning Strike and Vortex with Mines as my 3rd. Pretty satisfying to spam a downed hunter with them, makes the others hesitate (Even if they usually just proc on the downed hunter Shrug)

Kraken was much more fun than I originally thought he’d be. Goliath is still my favored of the two, but Kraken is now much closer to him haha