Artists with free time help me out?


I’d like to start an online career as an entertainer to see if I could make a living on YouTube or Twitch. To start, id like to give myself an image to be known as. I’ll be keeping the name Atrinoch, which is based off the Elder Scrolls series. Now obviously it can’t look exactly like the Elemental creatures in game so I’d like someone with free time to spare that can do a cool picture for me. I’m not the best artist myself and I’d like it to look professional.

I’d like an action pose of four elemental creatures. Lightning, Fire, Ice, and Earth. Each element faces in a cardinal direction. Lightning would be in the back posing up. Should look kinda like a storm cloud creature. Ice should take some inspiration from regice from pokemon, as it would be made of icicles. It should be posing to the left. Earth can be rocky, but I’d like it to have some green on it, like its body is covered in dirt. Should be the bulkiest and pose to the right. Fire will be right in the middle, in front of lightning, posing forward. Should be on fire in some way, and not a lava creature. Each should be humanoid and bipedal. Their heads may or may not be a part of their bodies, depending on the artist’s vision. This means they could or could not have a neck separating body from head. They should have no face, unless you want to give them each a different number of eyes. Style should be kinda cartoonish, with defined outlines and stylization. This will be unpaid, as I’m not in a great situation financially, but if anybody wants to take some time to do this for me, that would be greatly appreciated. Thx


That sounds like a badass picture, I’ve been trying to get everything set up for me on YouTube so one day I may do so but my parents say otherwise : /


I should mention i would take it black and white, but prefer it be colored. I’m in no rush, so if you want to take this project up, take as long as you want.


I’m not the best picture maker (as you can see my PFP) but maybe @ToiletWraith is up to take the challenge?


I’m still working on it, just so you know :sunny:


O thx bruh


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