Artists, post your fanart! ~

Showcase your Creations!

~ Dear arists, hobbyists and similar! ~

Welcome to my new fanart-oriented thread! Here I am offering artists, crafters and others the opportunity to share their work with the community. Do you have any Evolve-related paintings, doodles or drawings lying around, then here’s the place to share them.

Up here is my contribution, a painting of a Blitz Leopard because they’re awesome ~
I’d love to see what YOU all come up with!


Hi! Welcome to the forums, that’s a wicked picture you got there! I would like to inform you we actually already have a huge fan art thread, so I’d like to redirect you to that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah I see! Thanks! ^^
(also your username is perfect :laughing: )


Thanks xD A lot of people seem to love it.


If there is nothing else, I guess I shall call @Sentry_Gun to close this. (OP posted their art in the other topic, so no need to transfer stuff.)


Summoning @Plaff and @MaddCow since BSG seems to be AFK.

Also, welcome to the forums, and please enjoy your stay! :blush:

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