Armory / Monster tips?


Hi all,

The map in question for those who don’t know them by name:

So I’m starting to notice, that it is EXTREEMLY hard to shake skilled hunters on this map. I’m level 39 at the moment and gone are the days you could just shake niblets hunters of your tail and do your thing.Once you start playing with max levels, they probably know what they are doing :smile: It’s offcourse possible to get away, but not easy anymore as the skill level of the hunters go up. But on this map, once you accidently spawn carrion birds, it’s nearly impossible to get a semi-safe spot to evolve to stage2.
Since the map has such a small chokepoint in the middle, it’s really easy for the hunters to spread out over the entire width without having to worry to getting pounced, because they are all in atleast 50m from eachother. From that point they know if you or on the top side or the bottem side, effectively cutting the map in half. It’s also a quite open area, so I don’t really see a good way to sneak around/double back either.
I tried luring them to one side of the map, and then rush to the other side as fast as I could(leaps with charge and leap smash combined). Evolved, but when I was able to move again, I could see the dome already coming down and royally f*cking me in the *ss.

Sneaking isn’t an option either(except in the beginning if they don’t have daisy), since the map is really quite open and when they have a certain “feeling” of where you are and they split in 2, they will always be able to find you quite fast. Having a cabot and/or abe just makes it more of a pain to shake them on this map once you have spawned the birds of doom.

To make things worse, there are also NO caves or very small area’s where I like to fight them with my Goliath for obvious reasons. But on this map, there is none of that.

Is this map just much harder for monster players, or am I just missing something?

Just to make clear, I’m not whining about this I’m just seeking advice/tips to up my gameplay. I only play goliath.