Armor Regeneration Perk is Underpowered


This is referring to the perk you get from eating that (forgot name) elite wildlife monster. Watching streams from the beta, I can’t help but feel that this perk simply acts too slowly. It takes ages to regenerate armor from it and when a monster is jumping around and coming into contact with so many meats, it seems negligible to the overall pool of armor.

Perhaps increasing it to 75%-100% would make it worth choosing over something like increased movement speed or something.


You’d be surprised. I ran it once or twice, and it really payed off for the times when the hunters are good and CONSTANTLY on your ass. It means a ton to be able to get those few bits of armor back in a running fight, just enough so you don’t take all of it to your health instead.


It is also very useful for a wraith have them hit decoy hide for a few seconds get some armour and then attack. It gets very irritating very quickly.


I was thinking the same thing to be honest, while yes you do get some armor back and whatnot I just figured about any other perk is more useful. But i think it may be a real benefit to the Behemoth, seeing how he has such a huge armor pool and the amount of food he would have to consume otherwise to get full armor.


The armor regen isn’t that fast to begin with so the perk isn’t gonna add much

It takes over a minute to regen ONE bar of armor cause its 8 seconds for one 1/8 of it to regen I can only assume the perk would reduce that to 4 seconds therby increasing your armor regen to 32 seconds which is actually pretty nice if your running away right after evolving


I thought 35% extra regen was pretty dang good


Yeah, tbh it is my least favorite perk, feed speed gets you more armor on the run anyway :neutral_face:


My favourite was always smell range. I wasn’t a good monster so it didn’t make much difference but atleast I had a better chance of avoiding them til stage 2


@MacMan What do you guys think about this perk’s balance?


I agree in that it is underpowered. I disagree in that it is useless, or that its impact is negligible. As others say here, it has its uses. However, it is outclassed by all other perks, and nearly made redundant by some. So I wouldn’t mind it getting a buff, but I couldn’t care less.


Armor Regen is for those Monsters that are sneaky and are hiding in bushes. If you quickly dart around a corner and sit in a bush, this lets you regen your armor until it is safe to move again. It’s not terrible, just very different playstyle than what most people like. I’ve seen some good sneakers use it quite well. It’s a slow play.


But it faster armor generation will also make you glow faster, so it messes up your stealth…


I find people notice the monster itself before the glow. I think every time I’ve spotted the monster it was because of the monster itself, and not a ‘glow’ from the bushes.


Feed speed was definitely my most used, among all Monsters over the course of the Alpha and Beta.

Smell range I started using on Wraith, and thought it was decent.

But Feed Speed will probably be what I use the most. I can gain armor quicker in pitched fights if I can line of sight the Hunters for even a quick second or two. I can also move quicker at the beginning to gain armor and Stage up to 2 before first engage (unless I see an opportunity as a fully armored Stage 1)


Hm. Personally I always noticed the glow first, but perhaps it is just me since I can’t see silhouettes properly.


Makes sense :slight_smile: