Armor needs damage resistance


I think anyone that plays as a monster can agree that armor really does not do much more then buy you a little time. It only offers little protection to your actual HP and melts away just as fast.


I mean… Pretty certain that that is exactly what it was designed to do. You get it back a lot easier than health, making it a very easy-to-spend resource.

Before you stick around while taking health damage you really need to think about whether you’ll be able to get something in return for it, but if you’re armored up there’s no reason NOT to try and burn it to try and get a strike on a hunter.


That time you do have armor is plenty to get in and start laying on some damage


By little time I mean next to no time. I picked fights while at full armor, sometimes I get strikes on hunters sometimes not, and had to run within a blink of an eye.

All in all I really came to this conclusion with the T4 release. I’ve been playing Behemoth a good bit so far, usually against the new hunters, and besides a few wins I have been losing. Now before saying that I just need to get used to Behemoth let me say that I tried with Golaith and Wraith as well and the results where the same.

It might just be that the new Hunters are too strong, I have seen the new Assualt and Support literally melt away two to three bars of HP in a second on there own. But on several occasions today alone I have seen armor as almost pointless to have.

Oh and just for shits and giggles, I have seen elite wildlife easily take out two whole bars of armor with a single attack. Now when wildlife can do that then armor is little more then a wet bag in terms of protection.


Yeah, with the power creep of the new characters, armor should come at like…15% damage reduction.