Armor glow with stealth?


Currently, the monsters glow a unique color depending on how much armor they have, but does this make them obvious to see when trying to hide?

(ex. you settle in a big bush as Goliath to hide, only to be seen because the hunters realize that bush has a bright orange-red glow in it)


I think this used to be an ancient build…?

Mmh, I didn’t see Kraken glowing at all so I doubt Goliath would… but maybe it’s me ?


The monsters still glow, I played alot of this at E3 and noticed it on Kraken as well. It gains a light blue glow on the barbs of its back tentacles, and his face, depending on how much amor it had. While Goliath glows orange-red from his face, to neck, and some lines into his chest. (though one line goes to his shoulders)


Also excuse me for saying “him” instead of “it”, I dont think they have gender.


yea i noticed the glowing think too pretty cool gives more visual flair only thing they need to add in is good win poses for monster and hunters players and when u kill the monster it shoudl make a really loud noise when it hits the ground like a real giant monster would


I think its there as a visual aid for hunters to let them know that the monster has full armor or close to it.

Im not sure how much it will really interfere with hiding, but if it does give away monster position, you could see it as a trade off for having a lot of armor.


It might be intentional. The more armor the monster has, the better equipped to fight it is. However, a hesitant monster player might not take advantage of this. The glowing could be a way to help “encourage” a monster player to be aggressive.


Boom. @Draculasaurus is correct.


When you glow, it’s time to go, I thank you all for your help in my question, not that a 20 ft. glowing creature has many places to hide any way. It might be a small problem at stages 1 and 2 when your trying to race for 3, but it certainly didn’t affect my gameplay.


I wouldn’t be surprised if you are wrong, which I really hope you are (no offense lol) I love the idea of the whole hiding in plain sight and hope the lvl 2 monsters are still able to hide very well.


Well, the bigger the monster gets the harder it will be for him to hide anyway. A stealthy monster should probably focus more on hiding around corners and on ledges, as opposed to waiting for the hunters to walk right past his face. It’s a risky strategy.

Still, with so much going on in these maps, I bet there are cases where the players could potentially overlook the monster, especially if he positions himself to obscure his glowing parts.


I’m starting to think that the last monster might not have a glow if it’s gonna be in the stealth archetype. Then it can hide in bushes without being detected easily


If it is a stealth monster, most likely it will have cloaking capabilities like the universal support ability. It also makes sense because one, it’s an invasive creature from space that needs to adapt to any environment so why not cloak, and two, it can logically make sense to have it’s cells turn transparent.


Personally, I absolutely love the glow on the monsters, particularly at stage 3. It definitely succeeds at making the monster look empowered and ready to smash some hunter face. As much as I love stealth play, I feel it is a good decision - especially if the monster is so big that foliage doesn’t help much.

I wonder what color the next one will glow. Green perhaps? if it was smaller, a smaller stealth based monster may even be able to pull that off under foliage.


There are genders :slight_smile:


Random follow up question, can a stage 3 monster even sneak? I haven’t seen any footage to indicate it can. Like a sneaky elephant through the forest!

And I don’t care what gender they are, I will always refer to a good monster player as a Clever Girl!


:open_mouth: how do you tell?


Yes they can.


I’d like to know which gender both Goliath and Kraken are. If I had to guess, I’d say that Goliath is male and Kraken is female


Kraken seemed like a sage male to me