Armor channeling and buffs in Arena need to go away

Whoever came with this idea needs to see doctor. It complete defies purpose of Arena.

Also, buffs inside Arena?


We should also disable hunter revives, then.


Tbh I think the entire concept of armor channeling needs to go.


Care to elaborate? I’m curious as to your reasoning

I feel like armor channeling is fine since you can get Hunters back up in Arena. Monster is basically forced to body camp and eat a shitton of damage.

But yeah, buffs in Arena? That’s really stupid.


It’s just absolutely un-fun and promotes utterly toxic playstyles. I had a twenty minute long match against @Mecha_Neko 's Behemoth today on Dam because of the playstyle armor channeling currently enables.

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I agree Neko’s armor channeling tactics are really unique (I’ve been practicing them myself). However I don’t feel like the feature needs to be removed. I’ve only seen two monsters benefit from it and that’s Gorgon and Behemoth. I feel like it’s a great boon to some monsters but not overly strong or annoying.

That’s just my opinion though.


If Behemoth didn’t have Rock Wall, would you have a better fight?

What if Armor Regen perks didnt apply to Armor Channeling, or had a separate increase for Armor Channel increase rate - sorta like how Hunter Movement Speed works now


Respawn is already disabled. Emet can’t bring anyone back unless monster player is complete idiot. And Laz is able to resurrect only to certain point, after which hunters will be dying so fast he won’t be able to keep up.

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Reviving, not respawning.


As I said, Laz can’t do much in long fights.

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Arena is basically Behemoth’s playground. It’s good for Goliath and such.
Gorgon, Kraken, and especially Wraith are going to have a hard time.

It’s like 3 am here and I am too tired to think, so this is probably a terrible idea- but what if in Arena monsters couldn’t take any of the normal perks. Instead they had a select few perks that were always fully unlocked for that game mode only, and unique to each monster.

That would let them balance things that might be a problem, as well as keep monsters that might be too strong or too weak in certain areas in Arena mode in balance- without making any changes that affect them in normal and other games.

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I don’t refer only to strikeless revives. A hunter needs three seconds to pick up a downed hunter, the same duration a monster needs to start channeling armor.


He means picking hunters up in general. It’s why Arena is about body camp right now. If you don’t someone will just pick that hunter back up again. So hit and run monsters like wraith that get 2 downs and then have to fall back to engage later- can’t do that.
They just get the down or two, and then while their health is melting off they are trying to smash beacons, hunt down the other two that scatter, and in that time someone always picks the other people up and now you are back to fighting 4 hunters- and by then your health is almost gone.

Now if you are Behemoth you just sit your fat ass down on their body and it’s all fine.


I am just saying-
It’s like 3am though so I should get to bed, I am not totally here at this point.


Hunters cant utterly down a monster into the dirt in 2 literal seconds because it zigged when it should have zagged, either. The monster however?

The pressures of combat in this asymmetrical game are entirely different on the monster than on the hunters. In stage 2 monsters have received numerous buffs due to the mechanical shift to ensure combat occurs over multiple engagements with an emphasis on multiple domes that have a more consistent “hp for strikes” trade going on. One of the mechanics given to help with this, is armor channeling.

To further help with this, “strikes for hp”, monsters were given considerable combat buffs to make it easier to get downs. To balance this out though, hunters were given a brand new dropship mechanic (with less penalty on the downs). Downed hunters are brought back notably sooner in the early parts of the game- With emphasis on the monster to accumulate downs over the course of the game to delay late game reinforcements.

These shifts in the overall demands of the game work great in hunt- But do not lend well to the vastly different demands on the players in arena. In my opinion its down right silly to ignore these differing pressures, and leave them “as is”. Evolve is not balanced anymore to be a game where the hunters can reliably kill the monster in a single engagement. A huge reason all of these buffs/shift for the monster works in hunt, is due to the threat of hunters coming back on the drop ship shortly after. Something not present in arena.


To be fair, though, why would you ever use it on the other monsters? The goliaths have enough health and armor that they don’t need to use it, and you’re better off taking mobility/combat perks anyway. The Krakens can’t get to a channeling spot quickly enough. Wraith desperately needs combat perks to even have a chance at downing someone. I also wouldn’t recommend using it for Gorgon, as her health/armor pool is very low and easy to get through, and coupled with her terrible combat ability it means she doesn’t benefit much from AR perks. So, I guess I really only have a problem with it on Behemoth.

Though, I still think they should replace the perks. As it stands, taking them on any other monster is a severe handicap, while taking them on Behemoth is the most tedious, frustrating bullshit in this game. So they’re either useless or infuriating. I think the game would only benefit from their removal.

@Gameuser10 Honestly, no. But RW is a core part of what makes Behemoth a threat, so removing it is not an option.

@GoGoGoliath I don’t know. It would really only make them useful for the few seconds on the chase after a dome, in that case, so they still wouldn’t be viable on any monster other than Behemoth, who would in all honesty still be a huge pain in the ass when running those perks. Maybe the answer is to just make Bob’s base armor speed slower because of how he can deny an area and wall himself off, in addition to his huge amount of potential DR.

I just know it feels like a chore trying to fight this playstyle, and I don’t play Evolve because I love chore simulators.

That round earlier on Dam wasn’t a match, it was a staring contest.