Armor after evolve


I agree with keeping a percentage of your armor however I don’t thing the way it is right is the right way. Monster should not gain armor when they evolve without armor. I also think that you should get a percentage of the armor you have when you evolve, not a percentage of your max armor


I concur though, after you evolve, at least you have a small percentage of armor to protect yourself so you could run away or mitigate enough should you get domed. Besides, if a good hunter comp domes the monster with 35% armor, that will be gone in a wiffy unless the dome is really favorable for the monster.


Well we played the game for most of the first year with Monsters not gaining armor and that promoted FT3 and Hold the Dome. I don’t see the harm in trying this out for a while.


I don’t mind having armor when you evolve I just don’t think that it is fair for monster with no armor to have 3 bars of armor after they evolve. You are supposed to retain armor not gain.


Yes but, as a monster you stand still for while when you evolve, giving Hunters the edge to close in.

Or how about you came outside of a dome with half health left at Stage 1, and soon after you are done evolving, you get domed again. Believe me, you need that extra armor. Hunters are also longer able to see monster tracks, and tracking itself has become easier for the hunter side so I find it should stay the way it is.


Not to mention the damage bonus Hunters get during the Evolve.


From a realism standpoint, I get what you’re saying, but what if the monster is hounded the whole way there?

Giving a fixed percentage of the max armor works out better from a gameplay standpoint.


Armor on Evolve was a hard counter to “Hold The Dome”. Without it we’d be right back to one of the “more toxic” strats Evolve had.