ARK: Survival Evolved


So, what does everyone think, because this game is giving me the chills I got when Evolve came out. I’m excited

Edit: It’s not a PS4 exclusive. I just saw it on the Playstation channel

ARK survival evolved
Ark Survuval Evolved
What's your next big game?
Any dino lovers here?
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ARK Survival Evolved - Patch 233 - NEW SWAT/RIOT ARMOR! - S2E6
Dino taming
ARK survival evolved :D
ARK survival evolved :D
ARK survival evolved :D

THIS.LOOKS.AMAZING :heart_eyes_cat:


Looks like something I’d like to play but not at full price. Kinda seems like Dead Island but with dinosaurs instead of zombies. It’d be awesome if it were kinda a 16 person world with online players and few if any NPCs.

I’d really need to read a lot more about it to get interested in it.


Hoping it’s like DayZ with Dinosaurs. That’d be awesome :smiley:


seems cool although not very realistic but i guess thats why its a video game… bow+arrow vs t-rex =death , after it broke through the wall shoulda swallowed them all whole lol … spear vs raptor =death


I laughed when I saw them riding giant scorpions with the riders head RIGHT next to the stinger.


Except with less bugs and possibly a more stable engine?


Please goodness yes.


Not exactly sure what this game is trying to be here. But my first guess was this was the new Flintstones game. Then jurrasic park, then king Kong, then a mmorpg because the movements arent very fluid, then I saw caveman tools, then machine guns… There’s too much going on here at one time lol. The very first part had me interested cause it looked like it was going to be a survival thriller set in a mythical medieval setting.

I don’t know how to feel about it just yet :confused:


lmao, far cry dead island jurassic park and the flinstones had a child and its name was ARK: Survival Evolved


And at the very end skyrim or dragon age inquisition was thrown in there >.<


Yeah I noted that too… Like, what do you hope to achieve riding a scorpion if all it can attack is the back of your head >.<
This game looks too far fetched for me


Pretty sure dragons are not dinosaurs…


1:52 murdering dodo birds -.-
Of everything to show off, it was murdering dodo birds


i thought the same thing lmaoo


At 2:22 my thoughts turned to, oh look they’re building their first Walmart…

Here’s what I envisioned would work more for this game, they need to drop the ridiculous creatures like the giant scorpion and the dragon. Cut back on all the terrible riding animations because yes that’s a turn off to me when I’m looking at a game, it looks lazy and unnatural. I LOVED THE OPENING, more of that please, the graphics looked good, especially all the foliage. I didn’t understand the black pit on his arm, then scratching at it… It added nothing to the video, neither did the running on the beach. Idk perhaps that meant you could get diseases or visible infections/ wounds

I would say drop all the mythical elements and make the game focus on the evolution of humanity and the environment, your choices affect the world around you. You can go to war with rival tribes, build nations, advance your technology (slowly) I mean what was with the whole rock ax to machine gun combo, that’s confusing. Rather than that work towards the evolution from the stone age to the bronze age to the iron age etc to modern or future times at a VERY slow rate… That would be cool. Unfortunately the game would just be far cry 4 by the time you evolved to modern times :joy:


For all those who played ‘Stomping Land’ here is your replacement, but better. Seeing the people ride the dinosaurs made me go, this is Dinotopia the game. Really want it, especially because of the range of rideable dinosaurs.

Also what the hell was a dragon doing in this? (don’t mind it, but seems out of place to have)


I saw this on facebook and it gave me something to look forward to, since there is pretty much nothing that catches my interest in terms of available games and future releases. I love dinosaurs, the graphics look good, and it us an open world survival with crafting. That last part is nothing new, but if the game terms out decent, it could keep me occupied for quite awhile. The only thing I did not like was that big floating beam thing when the people were riding pterodactyls… But I think the game is sci fi based and maybe based in a future timeline. Either way I will probably try it. Not sure if I want to doo the early acccess or not… since early access leaves me burnt out and hopeless for a release. ha.

Edit: the game is called ARK, so it makes me think there is sometime type of ark/portal for time travel or alternate dimensions, which would make a lot more sense,


Actually looks pretty damn exciting.


Cheers to that, MMO Turok for the win!

Let’s hope the early access actually holds up and this isn’t a staged display of awesomeness.

Can’t say Stomping Land did so well :confused: