Ark: Survival Evolved may be removed from Steam


So I just found this. Looks like I may never get to play it… :frowning: Maybe they can work something out.


On a brighter note, i think there’s only been mention of it being removed from steam which meens you still might be able to get it from the humblestore as long as its not pulled from every storefront.


I don’t care how little I play this game. I spent money so if it is removed I’m going to be so salty.

Seriously, it’s a fun yet frustrating game and I’ve stopped a long time ago but I still spent money darn it!


Doesn’t the humblestore give out Steam keys though?

I suppose they’ll still work as to not screw over the people who already bought the game, assuming they’re only pulling it from the store like they have with a few other games that can now only be played if you already own them.

However if ARK is pulled from Steam entirely, I doubt any other stores will work either. The game not only uses but relies on its Steamworks features such as achievements and servers. Any 3rd party store offers only Steam links.


True. We can only hope that its just a storefront pull if the lawsuit goes through.


I read about this a while ago since I try to keep up with what’s going on in my career field, it’s weird how it’s only now getting more press.

Those contracts you sign are no joke, and this guy doesn’t seem to take them seriously if he still worked when he was under a non-compete clause of his contract.


I’ve been waiting for the PS4 version. If it gets pulled, its unlikely they will release that. :frowning:


I don’t think they will win on the non-compete thing but they do have evidence of him soliciting workers.


HaHaHa. This is an April fools joke right? Guys? Please tell me this is and April fools joke.


No, this is a week old news.

When they say pull from steam, they do indeed mean the store page, not your library.
I don’t see it go that far though, I’m betting they will just demand money.
They would stirr up way to much controversy if they ran the creator studio of the internets collective mind’s favorite game into the ground.


Most likely that’ll be the case.
Since they’re a game studio themselves, it would create a bunch of backlash at them and could hurt their own game sales.


That’s a huge relief… I got so worried when I first read this thread. e3e


Doesn’t the fact that this went public already damage the studios image though? And by them, I don’t mean the team behind ARK, but the Trendy brand. I personally never heard of them, but this introduction to their brand has left a rather bad aftertaste.


Not really, since it hasn’t affected paying customers yet.
I only know of Trendy Entertainment because they made Dungeon Defenders.

I’d be more upset with the idiot who supposedly broke contract than Trendy.


Except that the contract apparently said he couldn’t work for any competitor, which is a rather vague statement as was described in the video above as well. Beyond that, I personally can’t fault a guy for wanting to work together with his pals; I personally put more value in my friendships than I would in my job.


Could someone summarize this, im in a place where I can’t watch it.


They are accusing him of creating a competing business and soliciting employees while under contract not too. Also for stealing trade secrets. That’s basically the highlights.


I LOVE this game.

There’s no way they’re getting rid of it.

Not getting rid of my Quetzals. Ever. I worked too hard for them. And my three Gigantos. That game has consumed months of my life, and it will all be for nothing.


Wildcard will push through it, it’s not like they didn’t make thousands of bucks compared to Trendy, so they will probably beat them in court (should this battle be brought there.)


Maybe but trendy has what appears to be a strong case. Just off the information in the video they have a strong case that he broke is contract.