Arid desert map ever possible?


I don’t know if there are any regions on Shear that would be Arid sandy/ snowy.

A large map that has less in the way of cliffs and spires. A wide landscape with a bigger focus on dunes or hills. Visibilty would be limited by swirling snow/sand storms. A few cvilized area would provide the terrain needed for hinters to have favorable locations. Mostly the map would be less about LoS obscuring and more on staying mobile and just out of FoV of your opponent while using land elevation to obsure approach.

Wind could also pick up periodicly reducing smell and sight range further.

Obviously old maps being reworked is the priority but some more varied biomes would be cool in the future.


Distillery? :wink:
######not really arid but shh

But I’d also like a desert map, it’d be a nice change.


Desert map would be a nice change


@ksmccrory new maps are pretty time consuming because we want to make sure we make it the best as possible. But! We do really enjoy them, and I have added it to our suggestion log. Thanks :blush:


I was thinking like barren arctic tundra. But good catch maybe beyond that region the landscape changes a lot. I could see some cool ideas for polar oil refineries and such.


No doubt. I have a general idea of just how much work some things in games take. Thats why my ideas in game threads are of the “Hey I just had a fun tuought” kind as opposed to the “Ermagurd this needs to happen now!!!” kind of ideas.