Aren't the Monsters supposed to be OP though?


Don’t get me wrong… I understand it is quite an Issue… But then, it’s a boss fight, Boss fights are supposed to be you vs a overpowered character…

By rights a boss fight should take multiple tries to get it right… If you ask TRS to nerf the Monsters, doesn’t that take the Boss fight element away?

Seems an awkward situation, but this game is centered around the Boss Fight theme, and Nerfing will probably take that away…


Monsters are only OP compared to Hunters at S3. S1 is favors hunters, S2 is an even fight, and S3 is meant to favor the monster.

Wraiths problem isn’t that it’s OP, it’s that it is anti-fun.


Yeah, Wraith isn’t fun because how narrow she is.


And how fast she is. I’m not an AntiWraith guy, but she could use a little nerfing.


Wraith is OP because she is practically guaranteed a Stage 3 with full health.


Actually, I beg to differ. We just (like, two matches ago) fought a Wraith who got to S3 without us catching HER once.

Through teamwork, shooting through walls, and raising the dead, we effectively wrecked it.


I’d contend that she was just a Wraith who didn’t know how to fight - I’ve ran into those who can and can’t.

Generally not focusing Lazarus properly is a certain loss.


No, she was a good fighter. Downed each of us many times. But it was Fusion Plant I believe and she was in the enclosed relay room, where many Harpoon Traps, Arc Mines, and Bullets of death awaited her.


So people complain about all the L2P responses to “WRAITH OP WAH” threads, but then they turn around and say the wraith was bad if she is beaten?



Does a character being overpowered preclude poor players losing with them?

There is nothing contradictory with my stance.


Basically this. Wraith IS beatable but she flies in the face of the other monsters and what makes Evolve enjoyable. Hunting her is more tedious and annoying than compared to Goliath who when cornered is more like an animal, and fights back and you get awesome fights against a titan of muscle who is breathing fire everywhere.

Meanwhile you dome Wraith and it’s just like “Ok what corner is she hiding in? Oh there she is! Ok she used Decoy! Ok now where is she hiding?” Rinse and repeat.

Also I’m getting sick of playing hunter because of her. It’s nearly always Wraith lately. I’ve seen some Krakens but haven’t seen a Goliath except when I play Goliath myself.

I’m starting to think TRS could have saved 6 months of dev time and just made Wraith.


Downing doesn’t matter much against a Laz if she doesn’t use it as an opening to target him.


Oh boy she tried, but Damage Amp plus Weak Spots plus Arc Mines plus Lightning Gun equals pwnage. She couldn’t camp bodies for too long before having to run.


She should get wider the more she binge eats


She doesn’t have to camp - either stay close enough to either blink or warp blast into Supernova on Laz - which can be quite far away - or eat a corpse while invisible if someone actually died.

Once Laz is down, the rest of the team is likely battered and easy pickings.

Of course, it is advisable to duck out to regenerate armor if, somehow, the fight isn’t going in a level 3 Wraith’s favor.

As I said, I’ve run into Wraiths that know how to fight and ones that don’t: ones who know how to kill quickly and focus Laz, and ones who expose themselves to damage needlessly.

Really this sounds like a classic example of a Monster who didn’t know how to counter Laz properly.


The problem i am seeing is that everyone on this thread is assuming every medic ever only plays Laz…


I have actually seen a significant lack of Laz since launch. He was the most popular during beta, but now all I see is caira.


I was rebutting someone’s claims about the skill of a Wraith in a specific game with Lazarus.

“Everyone” doesn’t make sense either since I’m the only one talking about that specific Wraith in that game not countering Lazarus properly.


Ofc the monster needs to feel OP.

If one thing people refuse to aknowledge is that evolve is a asymmetrical game!

I can hear your saying: “OFC its a asymmetrical game, its 4 vs 1 dumb ass”.

Thats not the point! theres a big picture in that!
You shouldn’t expect to play vs a skilled monster and get away unharmed! If you think the hunters are underpowered because they can be killed even if medic and support is healing/shielding you thats a big miss-conception!

The monster is a monster and he has enough power to put you down if he wishes to… theres nothing you can do about it, the way this is balanced is via you punishing/inflicting as much damage as you can to counter this type of play.

Going down as a hunter is acceptable and its to be expected during a good match, thats why you have strikes, thats why you can be ressed and thats why you can respawn …

Don’t think monster is OP because you can’t dodge him all the time and carry your team … no no no … this is a CO-OP game and you need your teammates to shake him off or to punish him if he decides to focus you hard.


have you ever played against a poor monster player? sure you kill it but it isn’t as satisfying. if the monsters were easy to kill, it wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying when they finally dropped. it is so awesome when you finally kill the monster after chasing it for 10 minutes and fighting it for another 10. It seems like more of an acheivment and a testament to your teamwork skills if they are this hard.