Arena Unbalanced? Poll for wildlife Added


I honestly think Arena is not balanced…

  1. The fact that the monster can pounce you… It should be literally 4 vs 1. A fair fight. 4 abilities vs. 4 abilities. Currently, I don’t see that.

  2. Wildlife. Like a I said previously. it should just be monster vs. Hunter. No wildlife should attack a hunter… ESPECIALLY REAVERS! They knock the health out of you.

  3. Evolving… I feel that Evolving puts the fairness right out the door. The hunters got the health down, in an arena, they deserve it to stay that way and not face more.

Based on the most popular discussion

  • Keep Wildlife
  • Remove Wildlife
  • Remove Wildlife from Attacking you has hunter

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^ Monster still has full armor in the beginning


In my opinion now that monsters begin Arena S2 full armor there shouldn’t be animals around.

Few of the domes are “hunter favored” against anything but Bob, really. Arena is a monster favored mode in my eyes. O.o


I would say arena is hunter favoured, so I dont see any point of buffing hunters in it.


As I said in my other thread, remove wildlife. If a monster can’t make his fight stick without needing to re armour then it’s lost the main reason arena is there for. I don’t care for this “let’s still play it like hunt” boring nonsense


Arena feels balanced to me

I agree with no wildlife, however


Why no wildlife? Unlike hunters, monsters can’t regenerate health. So why can a hunter regenerate health when a monster can’t regenerate armor? Remove wildlife, remove medic.


I don’t mind arena. I only really use it for farming Elites or trying out new strategy, anyways. It’s fun, but Hunt Defend are better for me.


valid point but the monster already has a full set of armor and more health + armor than a hunter in general. A stage 2 monster with full everything will mostly likely win.


Here’s a question.

So lets say we remove Wildlife.

What would people prefer in a fight?

A Stage 3 Monster with full Health and No Armor


The current Stage 2 with Full Armor?

If anything it could be a choice for the Monster Player?


The S3 would be unarmored and so couldn’t take as much damage (S2 armor > the few bars you get going from 2-3) and ever since the overhaul, the jump in power from 2 to 3 is actually quite mediocre.

Plus you’re a much larger target.

You’re giving up a lot of potential damage taking potential for an honestly kinda meh gain in power.

So no.


Eh… if TRS would get their Stage 3 stuff done right it would be meaningful and maybe give Armor Regen Perk some love…

Although I can see a fair trade off in being Stage 3 because three points can make a difference.


ha good joke lol


thats the point. Extra abilities/stronger. Hunters don’t earn anything. Hunters get strikes… Monster just gets free armor with no penalty really. just permanent health damage but easily avoidable by running and eating


Hunters can avoid strikes just like a Monster can avoid health damage. Against an enemy that knows their shit, they can’t.


Arena is imbalanced for both monsters and hunters all due to the dome placement. Just from the first second you can already tell who has the much better advantage. Personally I feel like Arena should be some kind of practice to learn how to fight in a dome because to be taken seriously it’s way too imbalanced.


Arena is hunter favored depending on the comp just like Hunt.

A good squad who spaces and uses Hank or more likely Sunny very well has a big advantage over most monster users. Idk what mode people are playing that want to remove a monsters ability to feed, that’s hilarious to me and would mean way more hunter wins. They’re already dumbing down Gorgon for casual hunter teams though, so hey who knows.

  1. Pounce is part of the game. If you’re not alone, your teammate can shoot the monster off. If you are alone, then well, you lose.

  2. I like the randomness of wildlife, just like in Hunt. I was on a ranked match as a hunter tonight on Wraith Trap and the trapper domed a Behemoth in an area with two nomads. They crashed in and decimated our support and assault before they even knew what hit them. Wildlife is just one more thing that keeps hunters on their toes. Kill them before they attack you and stop the monster from eating them.

  3. The hunters only deserve what they accomplish. I could just as easily say if a monster was able to build that evolve meter inside the Arena, it deserves to be able to evolve if it wants. Attack it while it’s evolving. It’s in a small arena with you.

I don’t like the mode much because people use tons of Sunny and Jack but I don’t find anything unbalanced about the mode itself.


Im fine with arenas mechanics as it is. There are a FEW domes that either dramatically favor the monster OR the hunter in practice (Depending on which monster, and which hunter comp it is)-


I RARELY feel like the better side DOESNT win.

  • Remove wildlife (which also means no evolves or temporary retreats).

  • Set a timer that awards a win to the Hunters if the Monster doesn’t engage anyone for over 30 seconds.
    Remember: Monsters have a lot of control regarding who and when to engage. Hunters simply do not have as much power over this as the Monster does with the only exception being the Support Cloak.

  • If the above is a no-go, award the Hunters a win no matter what when the timer runs out and remove the pausing mechanic when the parties damage each other.
    Because once again - the Hunters do not have as much control regarding whether they’re actually going to fight or not, which means it’s entirely the Monster’s fault if the Hunters are still not defeated after the 6 or so minutes given by the round.

  • Remove the silly Weather Control, The Dam and Barracks cave domes. No Trapper player who takes himself seriously would dome a Monster there, let alone at full armor.
    It’s resulted in a free Monster win in every match I played in these locations.

  • Perhaps let the Monster gain 1-2 armor bars back for killing a Hunter. (he can still eat them for more but what kind of Hunter team allows this?)

  • Now that TRS is pushing the game towards more fights in 1 round of Hunt so that Monsters can only really win by getting multiple strikes throughout the match, just how balanced does that make Arena?
    I genuinely believe, considering Arena has been left relatively unchanged, TRS is turning Evolve into a game where 1 engagement should never be enough to kill the Hunters which obviously makes Arena incredibly Hunter favored by basically asking the Monster to do what should now be impossible.
    They might have to make the Monsters in Arena stronger than vanilla stage 2 Monsters somehow. Perhaps a secondary perk choice. Idk.


I’m not entirely disagreeing with you. Only can’t agree that Arena is Hunter favored. However as I said it’s also not monster favored. You can have Sunny and Jack but against a decent behemoth in a cave? GG. Also removing wildlife is understandable because monsters can constantly repeat this. Arena is a death match. Stage two with full armor vs four hunters with no respawns. Perhaps wildlife hadn’t been an issue if many monster players kept retreating every 30 seconds to get quick armor. When I do Arena (usually not willingly) I just want a fight to the death.


I find that if your team is too lazy to keep shooting a monster that’s running AND eating, you deserve to get knocked out by a Stage 3. It’s not that easy of a task to accomplish, since wildlife varies greatly between dome areas; so if you let the monster go through all that effort without stopping it… You really had it coming.