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Make it so that you can only be out of combat for “X” amount of seconds in Arena. Being in combat would need to be changed in a sense that you have to deal damage within “X” amount of time to be considered in combat. This would help prevent monsters from running away until Arena times out to get a win or make the whole game pointless by timing it out and making it a draw.

Or just…lengthen the timer.

That’ll just give the monsters more time to run and make the matches even longer if they’re only planning on running away. Arena is supposed to be a fight to the death with nonstop action but monsters that run away throw all of that out the window.

It’s really no different from hunt where monsters just run regardless.

Hunt is different. The goal is to stage up(lots stop at S2). In Arena you start at S2 with half armour and full health. There’s absolutely no reason to run away. Perhaps just removing the timer all together in arena would work too but monsters will still run.

Eh. It’s just draws.

It’s a waste of a game. I don’t want to spend 10-15 minutes on a game just for it to end in a draw and I don’t think many others would want to either.

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Doesn’t bother me.

I’m tired of posting the same stuff over and over again so here you go:

I would much prefer the SURVIVAL ODDS thingy. If that’s too complicated to implement, a very easy (temporary) solution would be to just let the Hunters win when time runs out.

I can already see the “HOLD YOUR HORSES” -comments to above statement but think about it; In ARENA mode, where your role as Monster is to make only 1 engagement and FIGHT the Hunters, how shitty must you have played to let time run out? Exactly, the timer is really only a big deal when the Monster is not doing what Arena mode is intended for.

Even if you disagree with everything I’ve said above, think about this:
I can, at Arena Mode’s current state, easily pick Monster (preferably Wraith) and intentionally evade combat the entire match. The Hunters will have wasted like what, 15 minutes? It’ll end in a Draw.

This should not be possible in a game mode that was designed for non-stop fighting.
TRS needs to ask themselves just how many more suggestion/complaint threads regarding the Arena timer mechanic will have to be posted before they realize it’s definitely a dealbreaker at its current state.

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Using survival odds would be interesting and would likely work seeing as monsters typically run around the dome and wait out the timer when they now they’re going to lose(ie;are at low health) so survival odds would give the game to the hunters when the monster uses that BS tactic.

As a monster, depending on which monster I am and which map I am on, I tend to let the hunters come to me. I’ve had people not come to me in a favorable spot, so does that make me a runner? I don’t think it does. I’m not going to leave my favorable spot to engage the hunters in a not so favorable spot.

From my understanding you’re running away to re-engage. The people I’m talking about are people who run away for an entire match and make no effort to engage the hunters, resulting in a draw.

Fair enough.

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