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What happens if it goes into sudden death and Laz revives somebody?

hmm I dont know the actual answer but I think it still remains sudden death

We tested this once, and the sudden death timer does not start till the body decays.

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Yeah Laz gets kinda screwed here if he’s hoping to get a Silenced Super Soaker to win the match.


Lol. And yeah I think it takes 30 seconds for a body to decay so that stops Laz, if not I’m sure it just immediately removes the ability to revive it.

Its Laz’s tickling sniper rifle The tickling device

It takes 45 seconds for a body to decay and like I said above the timer won’t start till all the bodies are gone.

Ah. I thought you meant they all decayed before the timer ended not that the timer doesn’t start until they’re decayed.

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