Arena name request


Can someone make a list of all the arena names for each map?


I’ve done soooooo much Arena that I’m pretty sure I know all of them, just can’t recollect. <_<

I might give it a try.


I would greatly appreciate it if you could


Murder Pits
-The Jail
-The Saloon

-Frostbite Cavern
-Phantom Birdcage
-Arrow Park
-Batray Conservatory
-Barren Pines

Broken Hill Mine
-Quarry Conveyor
-Mine Shaft 33C
-The Grotto

Orbital Drill
-Keyhole Outpost
-Skyview Bridges
-Caustic Siphon
-Central Processing
-Pungent Pass

-Snow Plateau
-Medical Laboratory
-Chiseled Flats
-Steamadon Terrace
-Whispering Falls

Refueling Tower
-Fuel Tower
-Reaver Cave
-Pinnacle Ridge
-North River

Rendering Plant
-Collection Tanks
-The Retreat
-Sunset Arch
-North Complex

Weather Control
-Subterranean Bayou
-Weather Station
-Research Station
-Spiral Rock
-Seafront Cliffs

Broken Hill Foundry
-Exhaust Works
-Packing Plant
-Blast Furnace
-District 17

The Dam
-Lefty’s Stretch
-Thorn Cavern
-Canyon Pass
-The Archways
-Deadwood Junction

-Glacier Beach
-River Tundra
-The Stills
-Frigid Falls
-Polar Den

Wraith Trap
-Landing Site
-Poacher’s Camp
-Toxic Forest
-King’s Ridge
-North Base

Fusion Plant
-Crowbill Alley
-The Swamp

-Winding Spires
-Ebonstar Depot
-Devil’s Lake
-Hunting Camp

-Monolith Caverns
-D Block
-Flintlock Cave
-Base Command


You get a like just for doing that from memory if that’s true.


You’ve been looking for a lot of pictures and names recently. Are you working on a project? :wink:


I do a lot of arena farming.

It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve been editing in the ones I didn’t know.


In fact I am lol I’m working on making a peraonal evolve scrapbook / guide plus as soon as I finish building my new pc rig I’m starting a youtube gaming channel and making a special evolve segment



  1. Ebonstar Depot
  2. Hunting Camp
  3. Blacksite
  4. Winding Spires
  5. Devil’s Lake


  1. Frostbite Cavern
  2. Batray Conservatory
  3. Arrow Park
  4. Barren Pines
  5. Phantom Birdcage


  1. Spaceport
  2. Base Command
  3. Flintlock Cave
  4. D Block
  5. Monolith Caverns

Broken Hill Foundry

  1. District 17
  2. Blast Furnace
  3. Slagtown
  4. Packing Plant
  5. Exhaust Works

Broken Hill Mine

  1. Quarry Conveyor
  2. Sepulcher
  3. Mine Shaft 33C
  4. Bone Yard
  5. The Grotto

Broken Hill Murder Pits

  1. The Quarry
  2. The Jail
  3. The Slaughterhouse
  4. The Saloon
  5. The Outhouse


  1. Glacier Beach
  2. River Tundra
  3. The Stills
  4. Frigid Falls
  5. Polar Den

Fusion Plant

  1. Crowbill Alley
  2. Aftermath
  3. The Swamp
  4. Dropzone
  5. Wasteland


  1. Whispering Falls
  2. Chiseled Flats
  3. Steamadon Terrace
  4. Snow Plateau
  5. Medical Laboratory

Orbital Drill

  1. Skyview Bridges
  2. Central Processing
  3. Caustic Siphon
  4. Pungent Pass
  5. Keyhole Outpost

Refueling Tower

  1. Junkyard
  2. Pinnacle Ridge
  3. North River
  4. Reaver Cave
  5. Fuel Tower

Rendering Plant

  1. The Retreat
  2. North Complex
  3. Depository
  4. Sunset Arch
  5. Collection Tanks

The Dam

  1. Deadwood Junction
  2. Canyon Pass
  3. The Archways
  4. Lefty’s Stretch
  5. Thorn Cavern

Weather Control

  1. Spiral Rock
  2. Research Center
  3. Weather Station
  4. Subterranean Bayou
  5. Seafront Cliffs

Wraith Trap

  1. King’s Ridge
  2. Toxic Forest
  3. Landing Site
  4. Poacher’s Camp
  5. North Base

A UI feature we should "borrow" from NS2

Can’t wait to see it! Are you making like @Alex_Versnel’s guide to Evolve?

[size=4]Please tell me you are[/size]


I’m not exactly sure what his guide is like do you have a link or a description?


Was pinned globally for aaaaageees.


Oh ok I remember it now and yes I do plan on it being very similar but I would like to be even more in depth with the information btw any help I can receive will be greatly appreciated


Can I help out somehow?

I’ll probably only be good in the Lazarus section, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes you can lol it’ll still be awhile for me to get it set up plus I would like to even get all the past title updates and micropatches details to include

Send me a PM if you want more help.


If you’re looking for wildlife info, I made this a while back.


Thank you so very much I really appreciate all of your guy’s help


Some of these may also help.


@Mr_Zivkovic and @Valeofnight thank you both for helping me out with this. I’ll make sure to give you guys the proper credits when I finish this