Arena Monster running and hiding


in arena there are sometimes or often monster-players who are running around and hide.
its annoying cause if hunters win round 1 the monster will automaticly win the second round with running and hiding and timeout.
for hunters its impossible to hide in that small arena so why the hunters dont always win every match if the time runs out.
in hunt and defend the hunters always win if time runs out but not in arena. im just asking why?

good there are special objectives in hunt and defend but the monster is always faster than the hunters so the feature that hunters win if a monster runs away the whole time is a good one so pls implement it in arena.



I never understood why timer wasn’t against the monster as always.
Wraiths can totally abuse that.


The timer will stop for a while when you shoot the monster.
If he’s running, your team can spread and shoot at him from a save distance and slowly kill him.

It was different when Arena mode was released, because back then the timer didn’t stop. But now, you should have enough time to kill the monster (as long as your team doesn’t group up and camp just one spot in the arena)


shooting him from far wont make it more enjoyable. fact is its annoying and unfun and theres no reason to hide and run the whole time in a fighting mode.


Wait until the new Support, Kala, comes out. You can make a Teleport Pad around objects and it’ll make it harder for the Monster to hide and mitigate damage.

TRS have also stated that they’re working on getting rid of the “Flee 'til [Stage] Three” strategy for Monsters, too.


As a monster, sometimes the hunters just want to fight in a certain place, put all their deployables there, spread out in different high places, and wait for the monster to go there and fight there.

I think this is not fair either, the hunters are 100% defensive and not aggressive, so yeah, if with a timeout I can win the second round, I will hide, eat, and test if they are wiling to chase me (at least assault, with minimum support).
When that happens, I try to gather information about them and prepare a strategy for the next round (that will set place in a different location), but I refuse to fight there. This is like a fighting game, in which if you will win by the timeout then it is NOT your job to attack, it is opponent’s.


Just saw this on @SomewhatAwesome’s new live-stream, looks pretty annoying


Last time this was discussed the community was heavily against the monster being punished for doing this.

The monster is still quicker than the hunters so the duration of the game is entirely within the monsters hand.
It’s always possible for the monster to fight the hunters, because they can’t run and they can’t hide, while it’s not always possible for the hunters to fight the monster.

Basically, there is no hunter equivalent to this so the timer should favor the hunters on defaut, no matter how much the monster hates deployables:


Yes, she can! You don’t know how many matches I have seen where Wraith keeps running, spamming decoy and hiding @__@


arena is already stupidly hunter favoured without this.


Was in an arena once and us as hunters got called exploiters for waiting the timer out and not following the behemoth into a cave to our doom instead ;_;

It was a 2-2 - A draw on both rounds.

Also OT: @spicybarbeque66 nice relay win earlier. Idk what our trapper was thinking running alone to a S3 Kraken but meh. ;_;


#'Nuff said


…Oh don’t worry, I’ve seen Goliaths that do that very well too on some maps !.. ><
Guess it’s possible for every monsters then…


“It’s always possible for the monster to fight the hunters, while it’s not always possible for the hunters to fight the monster”

So far, I still think that this is not fair on both sides. Arena mode is a fight, but the “main” game is Hunt, and we use the same balance changes for all modes.

In Hunt mode, the hunters have to fight and deal damage to the monster, no matter what, until stage 3, in which the hunters then can be defensive, set all their deployables with time, spread out and form a plan, and wait for the monster to come to the Relay.

In Arena, monster is stage 2, and if you force monster to fight vs a static defensive team of hunters you can’t balance that without making Hunt imbalance.

There must be another way other than forcing the monster to fight due to timeout.