Arena Mode = Runners?

So… I’ve been playing Arena and I’ve noticed that people still run and hide from the hunters.
Am I the only one who’s experiencing this from almost every monster player I come across? I thought this new mode was to encourage fighting to the death

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I have faced a few as well and despite all the excuses and the common “hit and run” excuse I would rather this not turn into a 400 Lap NASCAR race around the dome.

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The monster could be going to stage 3 for some reason. He could also be letting the time run so if he needs to fall back and go for the tie it could be an option.

Every monster player that’s about to lose.

Reason why I stopped playing Arena mode. If the monster is going to just run away all the time then I’ll just play hunt.


“Atleast I didnt lose”

Took a game to a 2-2 draw after the behemoth had managed to get caves twice in a row, and stage up to three, also running from us
At the end he just said that we- the hunters, were abusing timer mechanic



Well, looking at it from a monster point of view, I can think of reasons why. I don’t know why it happened to you though. I know if you have Markov, Maggie and Bucket planting all of their crap I wouldn’t walk into that ambush. If it’s really all that bad, then you split up and you can heard the monster where you want him.

Some Monsters will try to run to get a draw on the timer.

Its extremely lame, but at very least uncommon.

On the other hand, some just wait to engage for awhile hoping someone breaks off from the group.

Honestly there isn’t much Hunters can do against a Monster determined to make a tie, and it is extremely lame.

IMO they should axe the 30 second sudden death damage and just make the timer favor Hunters.

If cloak gets out of hand, give Monsters super smell for the last 30-20 seconds.

I wouln’t say this is uncommon, sadly.

Almost 50% of the Monsters I’ve been fighting on Arena just run away at 10% health and keep evading the Hunters for the remaining minute or so. Occasionally it’ll result in a draw, other times it counts as a Monster win because the Hunters just happened to win the previous round.

I won’t say I don’t understand this behavior. In Hunt mode, burst damage-based Monsters like Goliath and Wraith benefit greatly from the element of surprise. In Arena, you’re domed with probably less armor than you would’ve had in Hunt and pit against Hunters who already know they’re gonna fight and can prepare themselves.
I admit I’m not a great Monster in Hunt but I absolutely get destroyed in Arena because I personally can’t overcome the defense that the Hunters had all the time in the world for to set up. They’re simply too prepared.
Nonetheless it’s ARENA MODE. Running belongs in Hunt.

HOWEVER, from the Hunter’s perspective, I don’t see the logic in this stupid timer either, I really don’t. I would go as far as to say that the timer single handedly ruins the entire game mode for me.

All of below suggestions could easily fix this:

  • Remove sudden death mode, if timer runs out the Hunters win

  • Dealing or receiving damage temporarily pauses the timer, although not as long as in Hunt mode

  • Use the SURVIVAL ODDS -system in Observer mode to determine the winner in a draw
    (I’ve been suggesting this many times before and there’s always a few members who call me out on it claiming it’s too rough and not foolproof.
    I say it’s still 999x better than just giving the win to whichever side lost the previous round.)

To fix this problem I only come up with one solution.
When the timer runs out, it’s a hunter win.

I’m guilty of doing this. I mainly do it when a group of hunters is camping a spot or if I am trying to find an opportunity to attack. I played a wraith game where I kept kiting a team of hunters around untill one of them split off out of frustration and I downed them. I was then able to down the medic Lazarus and I won shortly after that.

That’s why I play the Monster in Arena, to murder give the Hunters a good fight :smile:

I’ll do it, but only if I picked Bob and got stuck on that one Arena on Broken Hill Mine. You know the one, Starts inside and then goes out where those obnoxious pillars and bulldozer are. A Laz/Bucket/Abe/Hyde Combo shredded health and armor in about 10 seconds flat. Next round I chilled in a favorable spot from the beginning, engaging in order to lure them in. At the end the Hunters lost on the timer but I had killed 2 of them and there was a surprising amount of fighting. Even though they lost they weren’t salty about it because they said it’s what they would have done, charging in with Bob was suicide in those arenas.

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