Arena mode: No feeding


I’ve been playing a bit more Arena recently and I fully agree with the full armour for the monster at the start of the battle. But now that’s the case… I think wildlife should go. There is nothing more boring than the fairly common place tactic of killing the medic then running off to feed up every opportunity. If this is meant to be a battle to the death then the monster armouring up when you’re down to two hunters (for example) is a bit of an anti-climax.

Perhaps monster armour regen rate could be upped in Arena mode to compensate, but if the hunters have got beaten down in the process of taking the monster to their last bar of health, it seems a shame the monster can basically go and grab another chunk of health


the arena is so small you should be able to prevent a monster from feeding too heavily.


Armor is like an extended re-healthing health bar. If you take away the monster’s ability to “heal” then the hunters shouldn’t heal as well.


No. Monsters armoring is more like hunters respawning. Hunters can’t respawn in arena unless Emet fights a braindead monster. So no feeding, I agree.


This as well as the hunters are able to pick each other up or even rez with Laz and Emit. Also, taking away wildlife would make the Evolve to stage 3 achievement close to impossible.

@niaccurshi I do agree though that it is super annoying to chase a monster around and have it fill it’s armor.


Why not decrease the ammount of wildlife allowed in the arena instead of getting rid of them completely? Just curious.


This would make one achievement unobtainable. You’d have to remove that and balance the game around no feeding.


I like this better than @niaccurshi’s option.

Get rid of all four meats and three meats while we’re at it, aside from the Murder Pits levelution. This is a battle between the hunters and monster. The wildlife shouldn’t get involved.


I don’t see why you’d have to rebalance anything. It’s literally just a dome with a few less creatures.

If you’re referring to Niaccurshi’s suggestion however, I agree.


I almost wrote that someone first argument would be this, I don’t see it as a valid argument where feeding is most problematic :slight_smile:

Edit: to another poster, I don’t believe good game development should revolve around the existence of an achievement. If the food available was only sparse 1 meats that would probably be acceptable compared to the current situation too


Certain parts of the arena are more favoured towards hunters and certain parts are monster favoured. The hunters of course want to setup their deployables and position themselves in the area. However, with the monster recently starting with full armor in arena, it means he can rush to said position before the hunters can set up.

However, if the monster wishes to retreat in order to gain armor, the hunters will have to leave their area and enter dangerous terrain in order to stop the monster from feeding. A good example is an arena on Distillery with the big waterfall with the cave behind it. The fight usually happens in front the waterfall. However,the monster can easily get into the cave in order to feed up again (there is even an endless amount of food, with those little bugs pooping food in the cave) if the hunters want to stop him from feeding, they need to enter the cave. Which is very unfavourable terrain for them compared to the area in front of the waterfall.

The only counter to this is Cabot and Abe. However, this brings the issue of having Cabot in arena and thus a very quick death for the team’s medic.


I like the option to feed. If Hunters can heal, the Monster should be able to gain something back, since it can’t revive, get up from a down, or regen actual health. It’s also easy enough to counter, by simply following and shooting from a distance. Certain maps could cut down on the wildlife (the worst is called the jail, I think), especially the dangerous ones that can get you killed.


To further clarify, I think it’s a buzzkill. you’ve been in a really close fight, you’ve lost your medic, maybe support too. It’s assault and trapper only, maybe even with strikes, and the monster is hurting… and then the monster traversal bursts off and grabs some armour. The hunters could follow, but they’re not going to stop the eating straight away and they’ll likely be moving away from the position they have a chance to win in.

It’s just sad to see I think, it turns an exciting and close arena match into a frustrating long-tail drawn out inevitable monster win.


Why wasn’t this brought up before?


I don’t fully support the idea, but I do understand that feeding in arena shouldn’t be done as easily as it can be done right now if the hunters don’t go after the monster.
But removing wildlife completely seems like a hasty and too big of a change, maybe they could just set the wildlife spawn to low or really low. Hostile wldlife needs to kick it though, Arena should be a battle to the death between monsters and hunters not monster & hunters vs 500 mammoth birds. Though the idea of a Mammoth bird death match does sound fun, it’s not right for the mode.


I’d support 5 v mammoth bird tidal wave mode.

I think people are right, tone down the wildlife, make the wildlife generally either the hard to kill kind of the less reward kind, and it’d probably sort itself out while giving lesser skilled monster some hope.

How about trapjaws only? I know they’re aggressive but they’re hard to kill and give little meat.


They could work because they also annoy the hunters, but if they kill them it’ll be like they’re essentially giving handouts to the monster.


If you’re having a problem with Monsters getting armor in arena, run Cabot and Crow. If he gets armor, so what? You have Crow. Crow also allows for constant in dome spotting and visibility. Cabot helps with keeping an eye on the Monster as well as helping the team do extra damage and stopping the Monster from feeding by shooting it through walls.


I don’t need tips :stuck_out_tongue: I am asking for the anti climactic situation to be resolved so that people don’t ever feel they have to choose certain characters to avoid it. :smile:

The answer to issues like this should never be “take character x”, though I respect the fact it is a stop gap solution.


I absolutely agree that ther should be no wildlife in arena. Armor is counter to dropship. Hunters die, they come back in dropship. Monster got hurt, he run for armor. No dropship in arena, no additional armor in arena. You cant prevent all running and feeding in arena, or you risk getting killed.