Arena Mode is not fun as Monster now

Its so unfair now because of this stupid no Armor bug if u play against bucket u cant eat nothing because of the turrets. Its very hard 2 geht Armor as Behemoth because he is so fat u already lose 3 bars of ur health before u have Armor

PLZ TRS fix this fast


I dont think its a bug is it?

I was playing yesterday and not once did the monsters have armor. Nor did I.

And its not impossible silly goose.

It’s a know issue since the latest micro patch. It simply seems like someone messed with the numbers and then forgot to set them back to half armor. It’s been seen/heard. They will get to it.

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huh well thanks, someone else told me it was a bug, and I didnt think so because literally all i have seen since the update is no armor. Thanks for letting me know!

In Brocken Hill foundry it is very hunter fav. I really hope it will be fixed in the Next update

I don’t think this is a bug, I believe it’s a part of the rebalancing. @ArPharazon woold you like to say otherwise?

I actually enjoy having no armor; allows for closer games that are down to the wire.

I’m afraid I don’t know anything about balance. I just try to keep the game running, mostly. :smile:

So it’s a bug? I thought the armor change was a part of the micropatch.

Are you asking me? I don’t know. @MajorLeeHyper?

It’s a bug


I think a Arena Mode balance would looks different like The Monster will get full Armor but less Wildlife to eat vor something maybe

It’s it’s settled then, it’s a bug.

I thought the armor was lowered because people kept complaining about there being too much food in arena. I guess that’s not the case.

It was settled day one of 5.1.1 when it was first reported. Search is your friend.

But I just played with only one bar?? how is this…

The Search feature is your friend… please use it.

But I’m still experiencing it…

#####Not playing online, cause I can’t find any games.

Played some skirmish with monsters and saw, that I am starting with close 0 armor. It’s quiet unfortunate as a monster. Like to get trapped in a dome after evolving.

We have quite a few of these threads, if you could put your input into one thread we can keep these things more organized :smiley:
Thanks for helping out!
They are aware of this.

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@Sentry_Gun @MidnightRoses there’s already a thread(s) on this very topic; mind merging?