Arena Mode feedback/discussion thread (released May 26th!)

So don’t play it, problem solved. No need for this negativity, really.

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Hopefully no-one will play it, since the playerbase is too small to support two popular modes.

If Arena ends up more popular, they effectively just removed the hunt from the game.

Oh well, saves them figuring out how to unfuck it I guess.


I hoped at least for a ranked matchmaking but not. That’s all ?

Arena mode is a joke, really can’t believe. I mean, isn’t even Evolve anymore, which is the core of the game…hunting. Trapper isn’t even useful anymore. Anyway, I will not play this s___t, but i’m a bit sad because of less players for hunting mode = harder to find a good lobby on PC, which already have a very low player base…frustrating.


Turtle Rock gives us so much, but everyone is happy to just yipe about how imperfect this game is. YOU are imperfect. Every game anyone has ever played, is imperfect. You guys will just never be happy.
“It will divide the player base”
What if all those people that agreed with Angry Joe, that the running around what tedious, start playing because of this mode? The more they add to Evolve the more people it will attract.
Quit demanding so much from a company that busts their asses over this game. You don’t have to play arena mode, I think it looks awesome.


Damn, that was a great Wraith! That’s how she’s played to win inside a dome!

There’s been a lot of Arena mode discussion here.

This was one of the major threads.


We don’t know what emails they’ve been sent, or comments made on streams, etc. There was a very long thread here where people were calling for it back along. It’s definitely been asked for, but at the time it was also opposed by some of us too.

It’s one of those things where more options isn’t a bad thing, unless it’s options that make other options redundant. Both sides of the coin of liking or dislike Arena mode as a concept have valid points, but we’ll have to wait and see who’s going to have been more accurate in their prediction of what it’ll do for/to the game.


Not sure what the devs were thinking on some aspects of this new mode.

Sounds fun in theory but seriously, it took me less than 30 seconds to figure out someone like Torvald or Hank can totally exploit that 400% damage. Why hasn’t a single developer thought of this?!

What about Cabot cheesing through walls? Perhaps even Crow will be a problem considering quick retreat to gain armor is now more important than ever. Useless when a Hunter’s shots completely bypass that armor.

Haha they took the hunt from “The hunt” and only dome fighting left. They also could try a “Marathon mode” take out dome fighting and only running will left. With checkpoints HAHA.

Community asked? Community asked for tech&balance patches, sale, t5.

I see this mode as part of Evacuation.

Not sure that it is a great idea to split >1k players with new gamemodes.


I hope people have fun with that mode, but I really don’t see anything new there.

So sad to see such negativity from something that’s a free addition to a game you already own, which gives you a new way to enjoy it. I guess there’s some people that can’t be satisfied with anything,everything will be a new thing to complain about.

I, for one, I’m really grateful for having this mode, which should be fun to play online but also a great way to train for fights in solo.

But those who don’t like it shouldn’t spoil the fun for the rest, and much less be this ungrateful to the devs who have put hours, days of work into this. That’s not even whiny entitlement as usual, that’s just rude.


They have to survive 30 seconds (plus the time of the other hunters being downed) in order to get that bonus. Seriously, if you’re a monster in that situation you have all the time in the world to secure your win.


I was personally hoping for Arena. The worst part of the game is chasing a monster who doesn’t want to fight for 20 minutes because denying it stage 2/3 for as long as possible is the optimal strategy.

I’d like to just have a straight up fight without the 15 minutes of unexciting foreplay. I’m pretty jazzed for Arena, overall!


Been distracted with MKX and SMITE the past few weeks, this is the perfect thing to bring me back to Evolve! Looks like a lot of fun.


And that’s the thing, there have been some straight up fighting games that have taken people away from Evolve, this kind of mode is the sort of thing that is more interesting to that kind of player I imagine?

I agree with you for the most part and heck, this arena mode sounds fun.

But surely you can admit it’s not a perfect idea to split an already tiny and dying playerbase into more gamemodes?
Especially if the new gamemode completely goes against the concept of “EVOLVE”. Where’s the “EVOLVE” part in arena mode?

This patch would’ve been great when paired with a sale or a free weekend I feel, but that’s just me I guess.


the last man standing buff doesn’t kick in for 30 seconds… good luck avoiding the monster for that long lol

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It’s just a minor game mode, I don’t see it splitting the community. And as always, players will play what they prefer, that can’t be helped. With this, it’s still Evolve, and it’s giving the game a fresh spin.
I prefer the full hunt mode, but variety is good.
And btw, in some other modes the monster doesn’t Evolve either. Defend, IIRC.

So, come on, a new game mode is not something to complain about.

I just don’t agree that creating a new game mode will “kill the game”, but feel free to express your opinion as long as it’s respectful of the people who work hard for you.