Arena Issue - Ceilings

While this pretty much only affects Hank, who isn’t exactly a weak character, I still think it is an important balance issue for Arena mode.

For most Arenas it isn’t an issue, but some have ceilings that cover most of the stage, in the worst case leaving barely any ground targetable.

This is a balance issue in my opinion since map rng luck can essentially make Orbital Barrage an useless skill slot.

To remedy it I’d suggest either rethinking some of the map designs or allowing Orbital Barrage to pass through some ceilings on Arena.

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Yeah, it’s annoying…
Many of the arena’s are either hunter, or monster favoured. Doesn’t really seem to be an in between.

I’m also going to move this to suggestions, as you made a suggestion.

I’ll admit that ceilings can be pretty in arenas, but it’s a kind of random and unnecessary nerf to Hank.